Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Almost Christmas

Here it is almost Christmas and I have not even put a tree up, the outside is decorated though...
I am so baa humbug this year...

However, I am getting things done ...and will get something up before family gets here...LOL 

If you read my blog on the Princess Bed...well this is a spin off that...actually what it started out to be...


I know how expensive these can be; and then when you wash the outer cover, if you are lucky to have an outer cover, it falls apart..

Seems "Quality Made" went out the window a long time ago...  
Now it is MADE IN the cheapest bidder.

I take pride in my work...So thankful I took HOME EC in school...SMILE

I like to find the cutest fabric and then PAINT or PERSONALIZE or whatever comes to mind.  I use Acrylic Paint,  not harmful to pets, and should be very durable.
By the way:  I am taking orders for these if you have a POOCH you need to PAMPER.  

I use quality fabric and trimmings, new pillows, and leave a velcro opening for easy washing or changing out the pillow if it becomes soiled.
I plan on having these in my booth by this weekend. Along with many other gift ideals.
Very busy this time of year...

My next post; I am working on so many different projects...who knows what I will get posted....BIG SMILE!!! 

Glad you stopped by...PLEASE COME AGAIN....


Monday, December 12, 2011

FRIENDS......Please visit the link below and tell them I sent can be my SANTA.....SMILE

Dear Santa:

I want one PLEASE!!!!
Your Friend,


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Little Create Space

One night....waiting on some paint to dry...I got crazy with my camera.
I decided to let you into my little world...and also snapped some more shots of some of my favorite tools....

I have a very small space to call a studio...and although it may look like a mess to most....Everything has a place and I know where everything goes....SMILE!!!! 
I learned along time ago, if you can't go out.....GO UP!!!
So I do....LOL
In this 1st the corner where most of my spray paint and art materials live...(Notice the cork board...that I made...A BALLARD DESIGN KNOCKOFF..I do lots of BD knockoffs...because my dream home would be a page right out of one of their magazines)...I have my framing paper and frame samples and lots of magazines there as well.

Spray paint and mediums

The next photo: We continue around the room...and now we are getting into my stains, glazes, and adhesives...not to mention the high corner storage..and drawers, mostly stencils and photograhy supplies in there...mostly just random supplies I pick up along the way...I love containers...and rocks...and all Natural elements...I have a large supply of duck tape...all colors..I am making these cool little organizers...**A BLOG TO COME**.  You can see my 1st dollar made...and of course my stereo...I JUST FUNCTION BETTER WITH MUSIC...TOM FM TO BE EXACT  
My little BOOM BOX  a
gift from the Hubby

Wood entertainment section
a good friend gave me...
great for organizing...TKS D

Martha Stewart Designer Paints...Luv them

OK moving on: The next corner....TOLD YOU A SMALL SPACE here is my peg board area...I try to keep this as organized as I can...with other's borrowing and not returning... I know when something is missing this way...I can spot a empty spot when I enter the room....HUSBAND!!! 
stains, glazes, adhesives
This corner mostly contains my sewing supplies, and some scrap booking stuff...Not big on scrapbooker...I like to make I guess you could say my card making supplies....HA...

 And finally we come to work space of the room:

This is my tall table...because I never sit...unless doing Jewelry...and all the things I need are within arms reach...paints, framing tools....mat cutter, books, brushes, dryers...tool chargers...etc...I have many lights mounted overhead (getting blind in my old age) and they are directed into all different areas of the room...depends on if I am working at my table or sitting on a pillow on the floor painting something... 
Ok I do a lot of stenciling and painting..
for years I have used paper plates...then
went to foam plates...but same problem
your paint drys out...and you have alot of
waste...I found this dandy little painters
palette, changed my way of thinking.
It is it washes easily, you
don't have the cost of paper plates, or
loose too much paint because it dried...
just add water...and keep on painting....

These are one of the handiest items I have in my studio
they are puddin cups...I told you I love containers.
They make great paint helpers...they hold just
about anything I have put on them to keep off
of surface when painting or staining...I have a ton of them...never know when I  will be painting lots of large things....:)

My favoritse brushes in my
PAPAWS favorite

Box that holds my current project paints...and I love this spray can adapter...If you do much spray painting...YOU GOTTA HAVE ONE!!!  And of course don't forget your mask..I learned from my DAD, always use a MASK.

 This is an upclose of my Ballard Design Cork can make anything if you just put your mind to it....BIG SMILE

Well that just about covers it for now...when I have too many projects going on in this room...the over flow goes to my dining room...
So to all the crafters / artist out matter what space you can make it your own...Hope you enjoyed my corner of the world

Monday, December 5, 2011

Princess Bed

I had seen some dog beds made from end tables on the web and decided I would give it a try.
I found an table at the flea market...I think $7.00 and then the fun began.  I took it apart, flipped the top and remounted to the base and legs.  I added wood finals (from Lowes) to the top of the legs to to finish for a 4-Poster Bed look.

Then I Kilzed the whole thing...

I then started to paint. I used Krylon Dual Gloss White, it took a few coats to get it the coverage I wanted. 
Oh I forgot, I had to remove the legs and add the little bed legs. I offset the hole for the screw so that the legs would rest flat on the surface when replaced...I used wooden drawer knobs for the bed legs.
While I had the legs off, I painted all the little nooks and crannies that were now everything has a fresh coat of paint and it is taking shape nicely...

 Then I went and purchased some fabric, thread, Velcro (pink) and bias tape to use. I wanted to
                                                       make sure and the detail paint matched     the the  fabric.  
I found some pink and purple to match and got started on the details that would make the bed POP!   

While the paint was drying I got out the sewing matching, ironing board and iron..and continued on...If you sew you know the steps...but if not here is some tips...I ironed the fabric (most of the time you want to wash before you start sewing, but I gave myself plenty of room for shrinkage when I measured my fabric.)   

I measured my seam allowance, ironed and then I attached my Velcro first to one end, this is to allow for washing and changing out the pillow if needed. I then finished the end with bias tape to accent the colors in the fabric.

Then I finished the cover and attached bias tape around the whole thing for accent.  The cover turned out so cute...I could not stop taking pictures....SMILE!!! 
I think I will make a few of these to sell alone..
Dog cushions are expensive...and my experience has been 1st time you wash the falls apart...So anyone out there need a special cushion for your pooch...just let me know.... 

So now back to the bed....

I made the head board out of fan blades...I painted them with the same paint as the bed, attached them together with wood strips and  E-6000 adhesive. Then stenciled to match the flowers in the fabric...


 Finally everything was finished and ready to assemble. I attached the headboard with screws...*drill your starter holes first, as your wood might split* then I added the covered cushion and it was finished.

Now I am thinking...hummmm.........

So here you have it...

Pamper your POOCH in STYLE or
your Little Mama's baby dolls can sleep like a PRINCESS...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Favorite Tools & Supplies Series / Chalk Paint

One of my favorite things to paint with is "Chalk Paint".
I have read lots of things about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on the Internet..and lots of other articles about chalk & milk paint in general.
I personally could not see spending $35 a quart for paint.

I decided to try my hand at a formula. After many attempts and lots of variables...finally it turned out great..and I have used it on many projects, I have never used the AS Paint, so have nothing to compare to...but the reviews that I have read lead me to think I have gotten VERY close....SMILE.

 Here is my take on it:
Latex Paint, Keracolor-U-unsanded grout, Gesso, Whiting powder and water. 

Start with your paint of any color...add the grout and the the gesso....mix will be very thick..(and the longer it sits....THE THICKER IT GETS) **you can thin with water** The whiting powder is to make it whitest of white of you are using a white paint base, and it seems to thicken back if you get too thin without added more grout. Sorry I don't have exact amounts...I just mix like I cook...until I like it...BIG SMILES.....
I use a glass bowl and a hand mixer to want to get as smooth a texture as you can...or you will have to sand the roughness out after applying...
I try to get it to the consistency of a good cake batter...
Not too THIN...Not too THICK....SMILE

I make sure to sand the item smooth before I apply the first coat, and let it dry completely before I sand and apply the next coat...How many coats depends on what coverage you want...I prefer at least 2 coats, if not will come back off rather easy if you are distressing..
So far this formula sticks to any surface...and covers any underlying issues I have encountered. 

One thing you must remember--finish it with wax to make it POP!!

You can use clear or dark wax...depends on what kind of effect you are trying to achieve with your project. Make sure to use the clear wax before the dark...or your paint will soak up the dark wax too much.

 I have not tried poly-acrylic or and other finishing agent...
that is a future project.

My next formula...get it to spray through a spray gun....the grout is an issue....but my dad is a old school painter..and if anyone can do it, he can....LOL...

Hope you all enjoyed and found this educational...any comments, please feel free to give me a shout out...



Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Favorite Tools and Supplies Series / Briwax

I know that most of you out there have your favorite tools and supplies, one of mine is Briwax.
It is a story of how I lucked up on it.
I knew I wanted a dark wax to use on furniture, I searched the web and every store I went to....but no luck on what I thought I wanted.

One day I was in our local hardware store, and there was this tin of Dark Briwax...NO PRICE....I inquired about it and they did not even know they had it let alone what the price was not even in their order books...So I bargained...and finally settled on a price $5.00....which I knew was a bargain.

When I got home and opened it, I was very disappointed..clearly it was very old...and just plain soupy...I was crushed....but being the woman I am....there is a way to fix this....I put the can into the refrigerator (now I keep all my waxes in the frig)...and low and hardened...and now I have a perfect can of dark wax....I use it on lots of wood projects and have even used on many other does the most amazing things to all finishes....

One thing you should be aware careful of where you put it...if you want the whole surface to be affected...get a natural brush and a rag and have a blast, polish until your little hearts content, it will only make it better...but if you only want it to enhance the details...use it does not come off to easy...I use WD40 and a paper towel to remove...yes will remove lots of things....SMILE!!!
Also, while applying...if you go over a area you have already done...when you polish it will remove the doubled area...just apply again and rub softly! 

Finishing....I use a clear wax as my final step..and this is not hard to find.. most hardware stores have Minwax finishing does not haze and I have left on for 24 hrs or more before I polished to a can also use a good car wax...but the latter will haze over, so you want to remove as soon as it does...

 I mentioned, I use a natural bristle brush...I get these at Lowes, or Home Depot...they are not expensive....I try to get the fullest one I can find and then cut it shorter to make it a stencil brush... After I am through with all my waxing I place the brush in a jar of brush cleaner (notice my little contraption to hang brushes)...SMILE...leave it for 24 hrs or so...when I remove just use a paper towel and wiggle and waggle till you clean all the wax from the brush, you may have to soak again, depending how much wax is in your brush; but it will come clean....hang to dry and it is ready for the next project....

Before trimming

Trimmed short to made stiffer

My brush cleaner solution and a brush hanger. Seal with tight cap to save solution.

I used a measuring cup from my laundry detergent box, cut hole in bottom and slits on sides and then used a wood skewer stick to hang brush. You don't want your brush to rest on bottom of jar.  

Let me know if you give this a try....and what your results were...I would love to hear about it...

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