Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bow Season

Bow Season starts the Saturday, I have been busy with getting my bow sighted in and getting ready for that big morning...I have not been doing much other than that...Last year when I got sick...I did not get to hunt and so I am behind...but I still got it....3 kill shots in the target yesterday from my tree...Happy...Happy!!!!
My husband is leaving for a couple weeks after this weekend and I don't hunt when he is I will be back at creating...

Big Smiles.......I have a couple orders...Can't wait to get to it...Unfortunately my husband does not understand me wanting to work instead of hunt...Honestly I am not that mad at them...I only do it to spend time with don't get me wrong...the meat saves us $$$$ through out the year on grocery bills and the it is also is great for your waste line.....:) but I have to admit...I am looking for a bigger one this year...:)

On a different note: I have been tinkering with my chalk paint recipe and think I have finally got it....Hopefully it will be as good as the A. Sloan paint and I will save lots of money...So far it has been working great on wood surfaces...but I added another ingredient to get it to stick to keep your fingers next goal is to get it to cooperate with a spray gun....

Glad you stopped by...back next week...hopefully with pictures of big boy!!!

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