Sunday, October 30, 2011

Texas Trip

While here in Texas visiting my sons, my oldest turned 30, I had the chance to get out and search for driftwood. Blake, my oldest, took me to the shoreline that took a direct hit from Hurrican Ike, I found lots of goodies there, no telling where they came from...:)

I plan on making some Christmas gifts and hopefully a few pieces will make the sell list.

I need to plan a trip back down when the temps are warmer and Blake can take me out in his boat and there is no telling what we will find then....Smiles.....

Monday, October 24, 2011

What am I up to now?

Found this old lamp body at the good will...and the metal frame was given to me....

What do you think I am gonna make out of these two items?

Will have an update on what steps I took next...
Make sure you stop back by and see what comes of this project.

As promised more photos of whats to come....

OK I have finished....I think it turned out really unique.
What to you think????
This piece is definately one of a kind..I left the actual lamp workings attached,
I liked the way it looked with the screen and the skelton key look of the knob.

 I had this fabric in my collection, I am always picking up cool looking fabric, I need a bigger collection bin...SMILE....
This little table is the perfect height for a side table,
 a girls room
or just anywhere in your home to add interest and a
 POP of Color!!! 

I hope you have enjoyed this little project as much as I have...Stop back by soon and see what I am up to next.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Redone Mirror

My aunt ask me to redo this old Kinder-Harris mirror she had in had been around awhile...

She and I both worked for the company and I must say I learned many things during my time there.

As you can see, it is made of a couple different woods, and had been done with a blue paint and a blue glaze.

I love projects like I got to work.  I used Krylon Dual Ivory (I am a Valspar fan, but I have to say this new dual paint has got my attention), I used a couple coats and it the coverage was sanding before and no priming...WooooHoooo....

I let this dry a couple days and then late one night when the house was quiet, I got out my dark wax.
I applied with a natural brush and working it into all the detail spots, this brought the frame to life. 
As I worked with the wax, I decided I really liked what it was doing with the base color, so I got a soft rag and worked it into the rest of the frame...
Ok just short of getting out the studio equipment...I think I did ok with the after photo...hey it was late and work with what you have right....SMILE 

Any who....I know she is gonna love this as much as I do....matter of fact....I have a smaller one in my bath....think it is time for another redo...

Enjoy........and thanks for stopping by...until the next project...BIG SMILE...

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mamaws Antique Table with a new life

My Mamaw was always trying to get me to take this table to take home...I never seemed to have time.. When she passed, I got the table...Life lesson, don't put off....

I have had it sitting in storage and then to our hunting camp and back to just never seemed to fit anywhere....finally I decided to do something different and see what happened.

I took it all apart....:) :)

I sanded and applied Kilz primer to the top, it was in pretty bad condition, and then I used RustOleum Professional (almond) and painted the whole thing...those little spindles are a pain in the backside....It took a couple coats...and then let it dry for about 3 days.

 I then distressed it in all the right places. Then got my handy Mocha Glaze and a brush, and got to work. I tried to enhance all the areas that gave the table it's character.

I decided that the plain was just not good enough and found some stencils and more glaze...
I love how the top turned out.

I think Mamaw would be proud of this table now....
I know she is looking down and smiling...
She finally got that Dang Table!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Newest project finished

My cousin gave me this old chair...before pictures on my camera...sorry....but it was the traditional antique wood with a funky velvet orange cushion. I had some fabric laying around and decided to paint instead of refinish. I really like the way it turned out...and it will be for sale in my booth...

I have to get lots of things ready to booth is cleaned out..."BIG SMILE"    I love it when that happens....:)  Working on a couple tables as well.

I am working on more fall decorations this is one that is already in booth...
Getting started on christmas too.

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