Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Favorite Tools and Supplies Series / Briwax

I know that most of you out there have your favorite tools and supplies, one of mine is Briwax.
It is a story of how I lucked up on it.
I knew I wanted a dark wax to use on furniture, I searched the web and every store I went to....but no luck on what I thought I wanted.

One day I was in our local hardware store, and there was this tin of Dark Briwax...NO PRICE....I inquired about it and they did not even know they had it let alone what the price was not even in their order books...So I bargained...and finally settled on a price $5.00....which I knew was a bargain.

When I got home and opened it, I was very disappointed..clearly it was very old...and just plain soupy...I was crushed....but being the woman I am....there is a way to fix this....I put the can into the refrigerator (now I keep all my waxes in the frig)...and low and hardened...and now I have a perfect can of dark wax....I use it on lots of wood projects and have even used on many other does the most amazing things to all finishes....

One thing you should be aware careful of where you put it...if you want the whole surface to be affected...get a natural brush and a rag and have a blast, polish until your little hearts content, it will only make it better...but if you only want it to enhance the details...use it does not come off to easy...I use WD40 and a paper towel to remove...yes will remove lots of things....SMILE!!!
Also, while applying...if you go over a area you have already done...when you polish it will remove the doubled area...just apply again and rub softly! 

Finishing....I use a clear wax as my final step..and this is not hard to find.. most hardware stores have Minwax finishing does not haze and I have left on for 24 hrs or more before I polished to a can also use a good car wax...but the latter will haze over, so you want to remove as soon as it does...

 I mentioned, I use a natural bristle brush...I get these at Lowes, or Home Depot...they are not expensive....I try to get the fullest one I can find and then cut it shorter to make it a stencil brush... After I am through with all my waxing I place the brush in a jar of brush cleaner (notice my little contraption to hang brushes)...SMILE...leave it for 24 hrs or so...when I remove just use a paper towel and wiggle and waggle till you clean all the wax from the brush, you may have to soak again, depending how much wax is in your brush; but it will come clean....hang to dry and it is ready for the next project....

Before trimming

Trimmed short to made stiffer

My brush cleaner solution and a brush hanger. Seal with tight cap to save solution.

I used a measuring cup from my laundry detergent box, cut hole in bottom and slits on sides and then used a wood skewer stick to hang brush. You don't want your brush to rest on bottom of jar.  

Let me know if you give this a try....and what your results were...I would love to hear about it...

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