Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Little Create Space

One night....waiting on some paint to dry...I got crazy with my camera.
I decided to let you into my little world...and also snapped some more shots of some of my favorite tools....

I have a very small space to call a studio...and although it may look like a mess to most....Everything has a place and I know where everything goes....SMILE!!!! 
I learned along time ago, if you can't go out.....GO UP!!!
So I do....LOL
In this 1st the corner where most of my spray paint and art materials live...(Notice the cork board...that I made...A BALLARD DESIGN KNOCKOFF..I do lots of BD knockoffs...because my dream home would be a page right out of one of their magazines)...I have my framing paper and frame samples and lots of magazines there as well.

Spray paint and mediums

The next photo: We continue around the room...and now we are getting into my stains, glazes, and adhesives...not to mention the high corner storage..and drawers, mostly stencils and photograhy supplies in there...mostly just random supplies I pick up along the way...I love containers...and rocks...and all Natural elements...I have a large supply of duck tape...all colors..I am making these cool little organizers...**A BLOG TO COME**.  You can see my 1st dollar made...and of course my stereo...I JUST FUNCTION BETTER WITH MUSIC...TOM FM TO BE EXACT  
My little BOOM BOX  a
gift from the Hubby

Wood entertainment section
a good friend gave me...
great for organizing...TKS D

Martha Stewart Designer Paints...Luv them

OK moving on: The next corner....TOLD YOU A SMALL SPACE here is my peg board area...I try to keep this as organized as I can...with other's borrowing and not returning... I know when something is missing this way...I can spot a empty spot when I enter the room....HUSBAND!!! 
stains, glazes, adhesives
This corner mostly contains my sewing supplies, and some scrap booking stuff...Not big on scrapbooker...I like to make I guess you could say my card making supplies....HA...

 And finally we come to work space of the room:

This is my tall table...because I never sit...unless doing Jewelry...and all the things I need are within arms reach...paints, framing tools....mat cutter, books, brushes, dryers...tool chargers...etc...I have many lights mounted overhead (getting blind in my old age) and they are directed into all different areas of the room...depends on if I am working at my table or sitting on a pillow on the floor painting something... 
Ok I do a lot of stenciling and painting..
for years I have used paper plates...then
went to foam plates...but same problem
your paint drys out...and you have alot of
waste...I found this dandy little painters
palette, changed my way of thinking.
It is it washes easily, you
don't have the cost of paper plates, or
loose too much paint because it dried...
just add water...and keep on painting....

These are one of the handiest items I have in my studio
they are puddin cups...I told you I love containers.
They make great paint helpers...they hold just
about anything I have put on them to keep off
of surface when painting or staining...I have a ton of them...never know when I  will be painting lots of large things....:)

My favoritse brushes in my
PAPAWS favorite

Box that holds my current project paints...and I love this spray can adapter...If you do much spray painting...YOU GOTTA HAVE ONE!!!  And of course don't forget your mask..I learned from my DAD, always use a MASK.

 This is an upclose of my Ballard Design Cork can make anything if you just put your mind to it....BIG SMILE

Well that just about covers it for now...when I have too many projects going on in this room...the over flow goes to my dining room...
So to all the crafters / artist out matter what space you can make it your own...Hope you enjoyed my corner of the world

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