Thursday, January 5, 2012

Keeping me busy


I have not been on-line it seems since forever...but I have a good reason....SMILE.

I thought I would share what I have been up too.

This has been years in the making

First off....the CROWN QUILT...
this has been years in the making..
I have total 378 bags most are liter size with many small bags included...this took a large
chunk from that.

I cut all the bags apart, made the front section with fronts and back section with backs and then added quilt batting and put it all together...trimmed with large Bias tape..did not much care for the silky quilt edging...

It turned out a pretty heavy quilt, will keep you warm and toasty.

It was worth it to see my sons (Blake) face when he opened it Christmas. 

Then there were all the other gifts that I
made for my specials someones.

These were a new design...made in a couple different colors 
This color is for my special friend Jymmie....They will look great with her long dark hair...

This color was for my friend Donna....she has shorter hair and these matched her hair...Beautiful....SMILE!!! 

This new design was a set...Bracelet and Earrings to match.

Made with Crystal and Glass Beads...Silver findings, 3 different kinds of Ribbon, 3 different chains, and Pearls added in to add a different texture and boost to the more Elegant level....

I put lots of colors in this to make it wearable with just about anything.

It goes with Dress-up...Office wear, and of course Jeans...

Lots of colors   deco end clasp


Earrings to match

Another set of earrings...these are made with Turquoise chips and let me tell you, a challenge to get them together...chips break easy, but once completed...they are very strong...

I love the different shade and color variations...

There are different lengths attached along a chain which makes them fall into a perfect waterfall effect...

Not too Heavy for your ears...but a significant piece of Jewelry...

The are large Marshmallows dipped in Chocolate and sprinkled with candy balls.

They go great in HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!!

Ok this along with Family and Friends is what has kept me away from you for so long...

I wish you all a Great New Year!!!

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