Thursday, February 9, 2012

DIY Apothecary Jars

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Hello Everyone, glad you are back to see what I have been doing lately.

I love the look of apothecary jars, and one day while reading my blogs (I have many that I visit frequently). BIG SMILES!!!!

I got the ideal for these from, FYI I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that site.

Shanty-2-chic Jars

 I changed my design a little, added a wood disc to bottom of jar and a thicker

I got most of the supplies at Lowes...I am sure you could find them at
Hobby Lobby or Home Depot as well.

These are table and furniture legs 8"/6" I used the 8" legs on my jars.

The finials below are also from
Lowes. They come with the attachment screw in them, I just removed with a pair of pliers. I need them to be flat as to adhere to the tops of my jars.
Here are the jars before I have done anything with them.

1st thing was to cut the top button off the legs...actually it would be the bottom that actually goes on the floor, but I reversed them.

I decided to paint all the wood and metal to match. I used Krylon Dual Ivory.
Krylon Dual White

In this photo you can see the wood base that I cut out and attached to the legs. I am getting good with that band saw....LOL

After I painted the pieces and distressed a little with some 120 sand paper.
I did not want too much wood showing through.

Painted distressed wood
Then I used some Valspar Mocha Glaze to give them a weathered look.
Valspar Color Glaze & Natural Brush

Glazing process

I have to say this is my favorite color of glaze, it does wonderful things to wood...

Here you can see the glazing process...just take a brush (I tend to use a natural bristle brush) and cover everything and then wipe off what you want. I did this with all the wood pieces and also the painted metal top.

After Glazed
It just ages the wood perfectly, and if you like it darker, just leave more on your item, or add another coat..I did actually add more to mine after I had them all together..I just wanted a little more...SMILE.

Below you can see the wood disc that I cut for the base of the jar..I left them unglazed to let you see the difference.

and the next picture is after the extra glaze notice how much darker than the first. 

1st Glazing process

2nd glazing process
I used E6000 to glue everything together...
and to attach the finial to the metal top.

Before I put them all together, I used a hot glue gun to attach natural jute to the rim of the tops...

And then finished with some shredded paper to just set them off. 

These jars are beautiful addition to your bathroom; q-tips, cotton balls...etc, kitchen; fruit, candy, sugar, flour, etc.... or living room, just anywhere you want to display them.
They make great containers for any holiday, or just everyday use.

I have a set on my kitchen counter with different fruits displayed in them.

I love the look and elegant feel they give to a room...

These are for sale in my booth at "The MarketPlace" in Monticello...

The picture below is one that I did for my bathroom...It really goes good with the antique setting in my bath.

Orange Apothecary Jar

My Bath
Ignore me in the mirror...Smile

I hope that you have enjoyed today's blog and I love to hear from please leave a comment.

C U soon...


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