Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Goodwill Table

Front of table

Back and sides
I bought this table at the Goodwill store the other day, I paid $3.00 for it.

The top was in bad shape, lots of water ring damage and the wood was bumped up.

These pictures were after I had done loads of sanding on the top with an electric belt sander and palm sander and a couple coats of Kilz Primer.

The next pictures are the priming of the whole thing.

 I only primed the floor of the table inside, as I knew I would not be painting the already black sides.
I also like to remove the doors when working on a project like this....It just makes things easier and cleaner, you don't get paint on your hinges.

I let this completely dry about 48 hrs...I was dreading more sanding...
But needless to say, it had to be done. So I gave the whole thing a good sanding and got the surface as smooth as I could for the paint.

I knew that I wanted to try a CHALK PAINT on this table...I found this receipt on the Internet and thought I would try it.

Latex Paint & Baking Soda a 3/1 ratio.

cabinet with fresh coat of CHALK PAINT
So I got some black paint ( I used Valspar Satin Black Paint ) and a new box of baking soda and got to mixing...I like to mix my CHALK PAINT with an electric mixer, it does better than my arm on getting the lumps out. WINK.

I have a recipe that I came up with, but it has more involved to it, so this EASY recipe seemed to easy to be true.


Front of doors...don't forget the back side

The paint was thick and went on really good...
So far So good...

I let this dry and started SANDING again...
With CHALK PAINT you have to sand to get a smooth surface back, it dries a really rough surface.
I did not like the way it turned out...lots of streaks!!
It was hard to get down to smooth surface, and hard to get off.
OK I like my recipe better!!!! 

This photo shows the streaks after one very hard sanding...also one of my little helpers got in this shot.

Bandit's did that get in here...
Wink Wimk

door after sanding
another of my little helpers,
she is looking for what she can steal when I look away

Ok I really do not like where this is going, so ANOTHER coat of paint is needed.

After one more coat, and sanding again...I liked how it turned out a little more.

 After the sanding was over than came the waxing.

I like to use MINWAX Paste Wax on Chalk Paint. 

I use a soft natural brush most of the time as I did here on the doors, brushes make it easy to get into all the little crooks and crannies, however, on large areas I use cheese cloth to apply.

Like most, I cannot afford or am willing to pay for the expensive Chalk Paint, or brushes, so I made due...The brushes that I use, I got at Lowes in the Faux area, I think it was called a blending brush? I simply cut them with some sissors to the length and stiffness I want.

After you let the wax sit for a bit, you just use a soft rag ( I like cotton t-shirts) to buff to a shine.

Below are pictures of the finished project.

I also painted the hardware, as it was a tarnished brass look, and I wanted something to blend better with the piece.
I used Valspar Hammer Finish Paint for this.

These pictures do not do this piece justice...
I was amazed how it turned out.

The top view show that the water marks and the bumpy wood is gone...THAT WAS THE HARDEST PART OF THIS PROJECT. But I knew that I was not loosing much if I could not get it back to a good surface.

now that is better than it started would'nt you say.

What I learned from this project...

I will use my recipe for CHALK PAINT. It goes on better, sands better, and comes off like chalk paint should.

I would use this recipe for little projects...frames, candle holders...etc.

And finally, keep my eye on my little helpers, they are getting to smart and like my sand paper way TOO much!!!!

I hope this was a good teaching blog for everyone, if you have any questions, please drop me a line and I look forward to the next time.

aka HINK


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