Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy Monday!!

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Happy Monday Everyone!!

I hope you all had a great weekend. I know I did, the weather turned out to be pretty great actually...

A recap from Thursday's blog, I had all these things planned out to get done this weekend..

With life, we have detours!

I did get major work done on the buffet I have been working on...
All the veneer is off and I have started painting...I will have the completed pics and full blog on how I did this beauty hopefully by Wed..Because of a doc appointment tomorrow, I will be a little behind.

But Good News, I have to go to BIG CITY for that appointment, and that means a trip to the LARGE GOODWILL store there..WINK WINK!

I was successful in getting the candle holder supplies gathered, but only got one completed...This one was made from driftwood from Hurrican IKE. I found during my last trip to TX
I started with rough driftwood that had been drying for months in the barn.

I put a coat of PolyAcrylic on it just to preserve it and keep things from falling still has barnacles on it from being in water so long.

I got my inspiration from these candle holders

I just changed mine a bit...I used a tin strip that I cut from some old supplies and roughed it up a bit with a drimmel and a grinding stone, then applied a light spray of metalic paint to tone it to the wood.   
I then measured kinda where I wanted my candle holder to was a flared Crown Royal Glass..Cool HUH!!

I measured the length of metal before I started grinding on it
I put a hole in one end (the easiest way to do that is with a hammer and Large nail...and then wrapped to mark where the other end should have a hole. **DON'T LOOK AT MY NAILS PLS!!** I had been playing around with a french nail tip pen...SMILE!!!
I simply marked through the one hole to the other side with a sharpie...Easy enough..and then I did the same thing on the other end with the hammer and nail.
I had to enlarge my holes some because I needed the screw to fit easy with no resistance.. Simple enough with a drill and drill bit a little larger than your screw.

The picture below shows the metal before I applied paint and the wood before the POLY....

I was testing to see which I liked better.
The finished product with the strip painted..Like I said just a little dusting. I still wanted the grinding texture to show through...
 I like this better with the tones of wood...

The rest of my weekend involved Burning off fence lines and chasing never wants to do what you want it to do.....

So after a long weekend, some work yard raked and burned...swallowing loads of smoke..and FEELING THE HEAT!!!

I am safely at work on this Beautiful Monday!!


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