Thursday, February 23, 2012

My weekend is starting

Hello Everyone,

I am so ready for the weekend!

It has been really slow at work, so I got the change to look around on the internet for some flea markets, or Auctions that might be happening in my area this weekend.

My hubby is out of town until about Easter, so I am on my own...I will get lots of things done...SMILE

Even though the weather is going to be a little NIPPY this weekend, I plan on finishing my candle projects, getting some major amounts of tin objects cut out and ready for paint, finish a quilt, and if I have time..go get mulch and get it put into the flower beds!!

Wish me luck..(A worried weary smile on her face)

Because it has been so slow today, I thought I would just share what I have piddling with lately...

This was a piece of tin art I cut out last summer, it (the flour-de-les) has been hanging in my studio since then...the other day, I decided to finish it. So here is the final result...

I loved how it turned out, and wanted to keep it for my self, but I do not have a single place in my house to hang this...DARN!!!

It was so popular when I walked into the store, they started asking HOW MUCH

I swore I would never cut another one like this out;

I ended up getting a tetanus shot over this thing,
I might have to eat my words and get started on another one soon.

The other thing I've had laying around for a bit was a couple of these shutters. I finally got a hold of them with my palm sander and roughed them up some.

I decided I needed a shelf in my studio for my canvas's and extra frames that were taking up floor space.

This worked perfect:

I hung the other one on the wall by my computer cabinet, it works great for holding bills and things I need to pay attention to.

I will have to get a picture and update.

I have a couple of other things going on as well, but I need to get them a little further before I let you see. It is one of those trial and error projects, I am learning as I go. (And she GRINS from ear to ear!)

I am so Happy You All Stopped BY! Please Do So AGAIN...BIG SMILES

I am headed out of here!!

aka HINK


  1. That tin piece is ADORABLE! I can't believe that you cut yourself, and had to get a shot. That is sad/hilarious!

    I'm stopping over via the blog hop. It's so nice to meet you :) I'm a new follower.

    Lots of love,

    1. Nice to meet you too Lindsey, Glad you are here...
      My life is often Sad/halarious...SMILE

  2. well good luck with all your plans!!
    I just had to get a booster tetnus shot last season too...I practically cut my finger off digging the garden.
    oh! the adventures of projects!!
    Happy weekend!


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