Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pallet Closet

Hello Blogging World...It seems like it has been forever since I have posted...with the Beautiful Weather, I have been so busy!! 

I have been very busy with my NEW CLOSET SPACE...
And I am building it out of PALLETS!!!
All that FREE WOOD!!!
It has been an adventure in the making, but I am in the home stretch and it is taking shape...

Also I have lucked up on an auction the other morning...and got some great treasures!!
Those are for future blogs, but a HINT...there is another furniture piece resembling the buffet in It's Friday Post....and that is all I am telling you for now...But keep an eye out, I will start on it very soon.

I have so many projects....I will stay busy for A WHILE!!! BIG SMILES!!

Ok my closet...I live in this very old house and the closets are small...mine was actually 7'5" long, but you could not get into it...and it was FULL!!  I was so tired of fighting to get to my clothes!!!!


My house is laid out most old houses are...and there is this sorta room in between my master bedroom and was just a catch all... photography equipment storage, future project storage, paint I said a catch all.

I had already taken one corner to make my little space for getting ready in the it was already started...wink wink....

I work for a heating and air company so pallets are I gathered up a few and home I went...

Actually I took a couple of loads never can have too many pallets...I used a couple to make the pallet table with casters for out by our grilling / fire pit area as well...

I took them all apart to see how much wood I had to work with and got to building...

As you can see, I had lots of wood to play with.

I first cleaned out my closet to see what all I had to organize...
OMG!!! I found shoes I forgot I had...
I then had my neighbor cut me a steel pole to fit the width of the room and mounted needed to be very strong...I have way too many clothes...but the funny part...over half are too big and will have to be purged...

I then built the top shelf for over the rod out of the larger of the pallets...
 I wanted lots of space for my boots and travel bags...ball caps...and just anything else I needed to store....

I then measured the remaining wall space and got to building shelves...Like I said LOTS OF SHOES.

You could start a shoe store in my closet...

I decided to build some 30" and 37" shelves and space them randomly along the wall, I also wanted space to hang various items and I have a large selection of baskets that I could use to organize...

I ended up doing a white wash on these before I hung them the final time...I just did not like the raw wood look too much....and still may do more to just depends on my mood..."sly laugh"

after whitewash
 This is what the shelves looked like before the white wash process.


Then the final hanging after the white wash...I like this better.

This area is the other side of the room across from my vanity area. I am still in the process of designing this area. I have more shelves to built...My Tahoe is full AGAIN!!! Oops!!! 

 I plan on this area being the purse station. For now they are hanging and I want them all organized so that I can see what I have and easy access...I hate having to fight to get to anything when I need it NOW!!!

And this is where we are right now...I have more organizing to do...I have to leave the paint in here for other place to put it...but hey it is a closet....SMILES!!!
I want to hang a curtain because guests do have to cross through here to get to the bath area....just some privacy...don't want all my closet revealed..."very innocent smile"

I hope to finish it in the coming days..but so far I have been doing THE HAPPY DANCE every morning!!!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blake's Dumpster Diving Adventure

Hello Everyone...I hope you all have had a good and relativity dry week...we have had storms and about 4" of rain. Every thing is GREEN....SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!

So I have another addition to my blog courtesy of my son Blake...

Blake likes to go dumpster diving..hummm...wonder where he gets that from..."Wink"

Over the years he has found some really cool and really expensive things. His latest adventure he come up with some gutters...

He had been wanting to make a Herb garden in his back yard.

So now; how to mount them to the fence?

He has a Home Depot just a few blocks from his home, so I am sure that is where he found his solution.

He used Hanging Gutter Screws...

He said he trimmed the tubes to fit in the ends of the gutters.

He also cut the ends of the gutters to be able to fold like a box so that dirt would stay in.
Gutter Screws tubes / box end gutter 

This is with tubes trimmed and the ends of the gutters folded up like a box.

This picture shows the gutter mounted to the fence with all the gutter screws spaced evenly along the length of the gutter.
And this one shows the gutter filled with fresh potting soil and ready for planting.

And Finally the Gutter Herb Garden is finished....
Blake proved to be very creative with his gutter find and I know he will enjoy the Fresh Herb Garden being so convent to his kitchen....He likes to cook TOO...SMILES!!! 

I am always reminding him....REMEMBER YOUR MOM on your adventures..."Wink, Wink"

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have enjoyed getting to know my Oldest a little...He has a few more projects up his check back...BIG SMILES...

Until next time...

Charlene  with a special appearance by Blake

A update: Blake said he planted Cilantro, Thyme, Basil, Oregano, Garlic, and STRAWBERRIES...HUMMMM those are gonna be the most UNIQUE tasting Strawberries around...SMILES!!!

Love You Son...MOM

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tin Art

Hello Everyone....I hope your week was a good one.

I have been trying to get this blog done for days now, but I just could not seem to finish it and I am sorry to keep you waiting.

You see one of the most important people in my life passed away suddenly and it has really spun my world...

She was a big fan of my work and our last visit she was so Excited about my blog and the other opportunities that have started opening up for me.

I don't know what words would describe how much I will miss her as well as her support and Friendship, but I know she will be with me in Spirit.

So here is the blog I started early last week...

We have been having some Beautiful Weather, so I have been outdoors and BUSY!

I am in the process of making lots of Spring Tin Art...I have already gotten some Easter Eggs in my booth and have loads of  Flowers all around my house in the different stages of completion.

I made somethings NEW this Spring...

I had the Small Flowers last year, but this year I have more options to choose from...HANG OR YARD....

  I did different with the XL Flowers too..I did the Bright Shiny Finish like I had last year..

and I also did some real distressed tin with semi-gloss paint..These turned out VERY RUSTIC...

I have LOADS of colors this year....BIG SMILES!!!

I am delivering these to "Back Porch Designs and Gifts" in Prairie Grove, AR.  The shop owner, Amy, is Excited about getting them started in the shop. I am Very Excited as well....BIG BIG SMILES...

I am also looking in to having a booth at STAR DAZE in Star City, AR in April. I will update with more information when I know dates..

Thank you for stopping by and Come back soon...

aka Hink

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

My Chalk Paint

Hello Everyone..

Let me just start by saying I just love reading blogs...I learn something every time I do.

One thing that I see coming around more and more is Chalk Paint recipes. I formulated one of my own a while back because I cannot see paying the high cost for the name brand.

I have used mine on many pieces of furniture and have not been disappointed a single time. I love the fact that there is little to no before prep...You just mix and paint...sand and maybe paint again.
Very easy to work with.

 This was the very first table that I transfromed with my chalk paint and I did not have a clue what I was doing. I learned many lessons with this baby but it still turned out great and I only had to put two coats on it.

The magazine holder I bought at a yard sale for 50 cents and I just washed it and painted one coat...turned out perfect. Sold in RECORD TIME!!

The table to the left
was the most challenging piece that I have done by far...
I don't know what I did different...but let me tell you, that table has so many coats of paint on it and was sanded so many times...
I finally just gave up and finished it...

It sits in my living room and I use it every day..Turned out Beautiful...I think my formula was off a bit...WINK WINK  !!!
The coffee table was the easiest piece..well after a little repairs on other parts of the table...the top was in pretty bad shape.
The black Wheat table was another formula that I tried and....I learned many valuable lessons on that can read about it in an earlier blog "Goodwill
Table" I used a off the shelf Valspar Latex Enamel with that table (IT IS SOME TOUGH PAINT!!) I am wondering if that is the reason I had so much trouble with it.
I have decided to add my take on the Chalk Paint and let you guys try "MY STUFF" WINK

A large bowl ( I use and old glass one)
An old Elec mixer (it gets the lumps out better than my wrist)
Latex Paint ( I have used expensive to $ Store, your choice)
Keracolor -U-unsanded grout w/polymer (lowes $11.96)
Whiting Powder (not necessarily needed, but nice to have on hand) 
You can get this at any paint supply store..I got mine at Sherwin Williams...I think a couple bucks...

paint amount you need
1-1 ratio gesso & grout about 1/2 of what your paint amount is. 

I mix to the consistency of cake batter and if I get it too thick, just add more paint or water and the whiting powder is to thicken in a pinch or to brighten the color. 

It will thicken as it sits, again thin with paint or water...I usually use paint. 
I am guilty of not keeping up with my amounts...I just mix until I think it looks will be thick!!! and gritty....SMILE

I have glazed, waxed, poly-acrylic coated and just left no protective name it...I have never had problems.  

Well there you have secret is out...

Now I want to hear all about your adventure if you choose to try my paint. 
I am always looking for ways to improve, so please do get back to me and let me know...

I hope you all have a great week ahead....I have Jury Duty...:(

Glad you stopped by...DO COME BACK....BIG SMILES

aka Hink 
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

New look for Nails

Good Morning Everyone

Today is my Friday and I am ready to go home already...Wink!

I found something really cool I wanted to share.

If you are like me, you are very hard on your nails!!

I am not willing to pay the expensive prices for a manicure and pedicure when I know that it is not going to last.

I am a FLIP FLOP WOMAN so I do my own pedicures and I keep those toes looking fresh. BIG SMILE!

I have a confession: I am a freak when it comes to my feet...GASP!!!

The other day when I was in Fred's I came across a couple of items that I thought worthy of sharing.

First my nails...

Kiss Nail Art
  This little package contains some really neat nail stickers and THEY STICK!!!

They come in all designs and you just stick on, file, and wear...and then when you are finished, peel them off...


I sanded furniture, scrubbed hardware, washed dishes, cleaned house, painted projects and showered (many times.wink) and still they looked this good  after 5 days!
after 5 days

Good to know when you need your nails to look neat and manicured for a dinner or trip or just a fun day out.

They last up to 10 days and they sold for $3.95 at Fred's and $5.50 at WalMarts (wm's have more in the package).

They also can be used for your Toes...just turn them around...Neat Huh?

I have already purchased some more. I also bought some Sally Hansen too, but they are more expensive. I needed some for a trip and I found the cutest Pink Poka Dot ones. I could not pass them up...(don't tell my

Now my FEET!!!

Ok this is my pet peeve....I need them to be smooth and pretty and neatly trimmed....I told you I was a FREAK!

Well Ladies I found the DREAM TOOL!!!!!

If you have used the Ped are gonna love this!!
It cost $15.00 at Fred's and it is WELL worth the money.
I am sure they sell at WalMart's and other stores as well, but this is where I found mine...and it was the last one on the shelf...Laughs!

At first I thought this thing is not powerful enough for nothing...don't let it fool you...It comes with sanding pads for reg rough skin and a cutting plate (kinda like a cheese grater) for the really Bad skin.

I was doing it wrong at don't want to apply too much pressure...just lightly hold it against your skin and keep it moving...OMG!!! You will be amazed!!! my little footsies are SO SMOOTH!!!

And you know how when you let your toe nails get too long and you have that extra skin when you trim...well...just run this little JEWEL around the ends of your toes...and WA is gone!

I am so gonna love my feet this summer!!!  BIG BIG SMILES!!

And think about the money you will save!!!

Well here is to all the Nails and Feet out there in blogger world...I hope you all found this useful and please share back if you try these...I am really interested in what your experience was like.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hump Day

Good Morning Blogging World!!

I want to share my surprise! Monday when I got home I had a envelope in my mail box with a large sum of money in it. OMG I was so excited!!

You see I signed up for a Mystery Shopper thing a few months back and had completely forgot about it and then came the money orders...ALL THIS MONEY FOR ME TO GO SHOPPING, IT WAS A GIRLS DREAM COME TRUE!!!

But me being me, I did not cash those things until I found out what the heck was really going on!!

I got my email yesterday that explained it all, and yes it was real and yes the money was real!!!

I had to go shopping and transfer money...that was it...seems simple enough...RIGHT!!

The shopping...
OK we have all had our issues..this is mine..

I needed paint..imagine that...SMILES 

I went to the discounted paint section of one of the Largest Retail Chains in the US....over half the cans did not have a color on them so I could not purchase them hey I don't know what color they are...and over half were not priced!!! COME on do you expect to sell anything...

So off to the paint counter I go, I need PAINT...I ordered 4 quarts of paint in the colors of SPRING... Well guess what...I could only purchase 2 because they had let one of the MAIN colors to mix with run ran out of WHITE...come on!!!!

All the nice little lady could tell me...he has it on order, has been for 4 days and there is no expected delivery date...OK I needed that paint...SO SURPRISE...You did not score well....

But on the postive side, I did get checked out quickly and the cashier was very nice and helpful...

OK now I have to transfer money...

I go to the local grocery store that has a money transfer station in the store. I first ask the young lady what the fees were to transfer money...she has no clue...ok can you get me a chart...UH..I might can call someone...OK can you take the amount I have and take your fees from that and transfer the rest...sure I can do that...COOL now we are cooking...

She does her figuring on the calculator and punches the keys on the computer and tells me that I owe her so much money...ok...I give her the money...SHE GIVES ME CHANGE...WHAT?????
Then she gives me a receipt to sign...when I question what the money left over was for...she gets real defensive and tells me that she messed up and that I was gonna have to call the company and get the transfer canceled and the money refunded....well needless to say it all went to **** and a hand basket from there...I am not a mean woman by nature, but I do firmly stand my ground...smiling shyly...

Finally she calls for help and then disappears in the office and leaves the gentleman to straighten out the whole it turns out..there was not a managing personnel in the store and the young woman did not know what she was doing....

I can say there was money transferred and the additional fees were not out of my pocket!!! 

I could not tell them what was going on, but they were failing terribly....

I felt so sorry for the girl...she was crying in the office, but when she came out to finish the transaction she was still very defensive would not look me in the eye and no way was she apologizing for her mistake...

I think I earned my money!!!
The whole experience was very frustrating and very informative...

In the end...I did get to go shopping and earn money to do that was a good thing....BIG SMILES!!!

On another note:

I went to my booth and got things all cleaned up and SALE prices marked...I have to move some BIG ITEMS!!! 

I also stocked the EASTER EGGS!!! They turned out SO CUTE

This weekend is the SPRING FLING so anyone local want to get some great shopping in, head down to "THE MARKET PLACE" in monticello and plan on spending some time looking around...LOADS to SEE.

I am currently working on other tin art and hopefully will have those done soon and delivered!!! That is what I needed paint!!!SMILES

Till next time...Glad you all were here...

aka Hink

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