Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hump Day

Good Morning Blogging World!!

I want to share my surprise! Monday when I got home I had a envelope in my mail box with a large sum of money in it. OMG I was so excited!!

You see I signed up for a Mystery Shopper thing a few months back and had completely forgot about it and then came the money orders...ALL THIS MONEY FOR ME TO GO SHOPPING, IT WAS A GIRLS DREAM COME TRUE!!!

But me being me, I did not cash those things until I found out what the heck was really going on!!

I got my email yesterday that explained it all, and yes it was real and yes the money was real!!!

I had to go shopping and transfer money...that was it...seems simple enough...RIGHT!!

The shopping...
OK we have all had our issues..this is mine..

I needed paint..imagine that...SMILES 

I went to the discounted paint section of one of the Largest Retail Chains in the US....over half the cans did not have a color on them so I could not purchase them hey I don't know what color they are...and over half were not priced!!! COME on do you expect to sell anything...

So off to the paint counter I go, I need PAINT...I ordered 4 quarts of paint in the colors of SPRING... Well guess what...I could only purchase 2 because they had let one of the MAIN colors to mix with run ran out of WHITE...come on!!!!

All the nice little lady could tell me...he has it on order, has been for 4 days and there is no expected delivery date...OK I needed that paint...SO SURPRISE...You did not score well....

But on the postive side, I did get checked out quickly and the cashier was very nice and helpful...

OK now I have to transfer money...

I go to the local grocery store that has a money transfer station in the store. I first ask the young lady what the fees were to transfer money...she has no clue...ok can you get me a chart...UH..I might can call someone...OK can you take the amount I have and take your fees from that and transfer the rest...sure I can do that...COOL now we are cooking...

She does her figuring on the calculator and punches the keys on the computer and tells me that I owe her so much money...ok...I give her the money...SHE GIVES ME CHANGE...WHAT?????
Then she gives me a receipt to sign...when I question what the money left over was for...she gets real defensive and tells me that she messed up and that I was gonna have to call the company and get the transfer canceled and the money refunded....well needless to say it all went to **** and a hand basket from there...I am not a mean woman by nature, but I do firmly stand my ground...smiling shyly...

Finally she calls for help and then disappears in the office and leaves the gentleman to straighten out the whole it turns out..there was not a managing personnel in the store and the young woman did not know what she was doing....

I can say there was money transferred and the additional fees were not out of my pocket!!! 

I could not tell them what was going on, but they were failing terribly....

I felt so sorry for the girl...she was crying in the office, but when she came out to finish the transaction she was still very defensive would not look me in the eye and no way was she apologizing for her mistake...

I think I earned my money!!!
The whole experience was very frustrating and very informative...

In the end...I did get to go shopping and earn money to do that was a good thing....BIG SMILES!!!

On another note:

I went to my booth and got things all cleaned up and SALE prices marked...I have to move some BIG ITEMS!!! 

I also stocked the EASTER EGGS!!! They turned out SO CUTE

This weekend is the SPRING FLING so anyone local want to get some great shopping in, head down to "THE MARKET PLACE" in monticello and plan on spending some time looking around...LOADS to SEE.

I am currently working on other tin art and hopefully will have those done soon and delivered!!! That is what I needed paint!!!SMILES

Till next time...Glad you all were here...

aka Hink

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