Friday, March 2, 2012

It's Friday Buffet Piece

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Hello Everyone...IT IS FINALLY FRIDAY.

I have been down with the yuckies...but I am feeling better today.

It has been rough...The weather is BEAUTIFUL, and I have not felt like going outside...

I am finally feeling like posting.

As promised Monday, I have the final pictures of the Buffet.

As you remember it looked like this when I got it..

It was free from a friend and I was super excited to get it!!

I got started as soon as I got it, and did lots of stripping veneer and sanding the wood to a smooth finish.

And this is how it turned out after all that

 I was very happy with this result.

I still had some veneer to get off the drawers and doors.

 I had read online a procedure to do this, so I went to the $ Store and bought a cheap Steam iron.

I got an old cotton cloth and a durable paint scraper and got to work.

I was surprised; it came off rather easy.

I just steamed a spot for a few seconds, removed the iron and scraped the veneer...there were some places that gave me a run for my money, but I got it all off and the drawers were ready for sanding.
I wanted the wood grain to show thru and knew that I was gonna distress this piece, so I did not use a primer first on the raw wood. I decided on Valspar Paint. I just bought the straight off the shelf paint. Valspar Latex Enamel Satin Black.
Let me tell you, this is some wonderful paint!!!!!

This was after only *ONE* coat...ONE COAT!!!

I then started the distressing process. I only wanted a light distress and I wanted it to look like a Pottery Barn piece that I had seen.

I hand sanded it as to make sure not to take too much off.

 After all the sanding I used a wood stain pen to go over raw places I had exposed. This darkened the wood back some, it was not glaring you in the face...SMILE
I wanted to keep the original hardware so I cleaned it in Baking Soda and Lemon Juice with a dash of Peroxide. It came out very clean, and most the tarnish was removed. I was ok with what was left, I did not want it too shiny.

The doors are still IFFY. They have a bow in them and I am trying to flatten them back out...So I went and purchased two Black Baskets to fit in the spaces and the piece was ready for use.

I shopped my house to decorate and I am very Pleased with the OUTCOME
I also created some tags for my baskets, just to dress them up a bit.
I used some pretty paper and my printer to print the labels and then with a decorative cutter, cut them to size and attached to the basket with some black ribbon.

I went and cut some color for the dining room....I am so ready for SPRING!!!

And that is the finished piece. I know I will enjoy this piece for years to come. 

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