Thursday, March 8, 2012

New look for Nails

Good Morning Everyone

Today is my Friday and I am ready to go home already...Wink!

I found something really cool I wanted to share.

If you are like me, you are very hard on your nails!!

I am not willing to pay the expensive prices for a manicure and pedicure when I know that it is not going to last.

I am a FLIP FLOP WOMAN so I do my own pedicures and I keep those toes looking fresh. BIG SMILE!

I have a confession: I am a freak when it comes to my feet...GASP!!!

The other day when I was in Fred's I came across a couple of items that I thought worthy of sharing.

First my nails...

Kiss Nail Art
  This little package contains some really neat nail stickers and THEY STICK!!!

They come in all designs and you just stick on, file, and wear...and then when you are finished, peel them off...


I sanded furniture, scrubbed hardware, washed dishes, cleaned house, painted projects and showered (many times.wink) and still they looked this good  after 5 days!
after 5 days

Good to know when you need your nails to look neat and manicured for a dinner or trip or just a fun day out.

They last up to 10 days and they sold for $3.95 at Fred's and $5.50 at WalMarts (wm's have more in the package).

They also can be used for your Toes...just turn them around...Neat Huh?

I have already purchased some more. I also bought some Sally Hansen too, but they are more expensive. I needed some for a trip and I found the cutest Pink Poka Dot ones. I could not pass them up...(don't tell my

Now my FEET!!!

Ok this is my pet peeve....I need them to be smooth and pretty and neatly trimmed....I told you I was a FREAK!

Well Ladies I found the DREAM TOOL!!!!!

If you have used the Ped are gonna love this!!
It cost $15.00 at Fred's and it is WELL worth the money.
I am sure they sell at WalMart's and other stores as well, but this is where I found mine...and it was the last one on the shelf...Laughs!

At first I thought this thing is not powerful enough for nothing...don't let it fool you...It comes with sanding pads for reg rough skin and a cutting plate (kinda like a cheese grater) for the really Bad skin.

I was doing it wrong at don't want to apply too much pressure...just lightly hold it against your skin and keep it moving...OMG!!! You will be amazed!!! my little footsies are SO SMOOTH!!!

And you know how when you let your toe nails get too long and you have that extra skin when you trim...well...just run this little JEWEL around the ends of your toes...and WA is gone!

I am so gonna love my feet this summer!!!  BIG BIG SMILES!!

And think about the money you will save!!!

Well here is to all the Nails and Feet out there in blogger world...I hope you all found this useful and please share back if you try these...I am really interested in what your experience was like.

Thanks so much for stopping by:


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