Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pallet Closet

Hello Blogging World...It seems like it has been forever since I have posted...with the Beautiful Weather, I have been so busy!! 

I have been very busy with my NEW CLOSET SPACE...
And I am building it out of PALLETS!!!
All that FREE WOOD!!!
It has been an adventure in the making, but I am in the home stretch and it is taking shape...

Also I have lucked up on an auction the other morning...and got some great treasures!!
Those are for future blogs, but a HINT...there is another furniture piece resembling the buffet in It's Friday Post....and that is all I am telling you for now...But keep an eye out, I will start on it very soon.

I have so many projects....I will stay busy for A WHILE!!! BIG SMILES!!

Ok my closet...I live in this very old house and the closets are small...mine was actually 7'5" long, but you could not get into it...and it was FULL!!  I was so tired of fighting to get to my clothes!!!!


My house is laid out most old houses are...and there is this sorta room in between my master bedroom and was just a catch all... photography equipment storage, future project storage, paint I said a catch all.

I had already taken one corner to make my little space for getting ready in the it was already started...wink wink....

I work for a heating and air company so pallets are I gathered up a few and home I went...

Actually I took a couple of loads never can have too many pallets...I used a couple to make the pallet table with casters for out by our grilling / fire pit area as well...

I took them all apart to see how much wood I had to work with and got to building...

As you can see, I had lots of wood to play with.

I first cleaned out my closet to see what all I had to organize...
OMG!!! I found shoes I forgot I had...
I then had my neighbor cut me a steel pole to fit the width of the room and mounted needed to be very strong...I have way too many clothes...but the funny part...over half are too big and will have to be purged...

I then built the top shelf for over the rod out of the larger of the pallets...
 I wanted lots of space for my boots and travel bags...ball caps...and just anything else I needed to store....

I then measured the remaining wall space and got to building shelves...Like I said LOTS OF SHOES.

You could start a shoe store in my closet...

I decided to build some 30" and 37" shelves and space them randomly along the wall, I also wanted space to hang various items and I have a large selection of baskets that I could use to organize...

I ended up doing a white wash on these before I hung them the final time...I just did not like the raw wood look too much....and still may do more to just depends on my mood..."sly laugh"

after whitewash
 This is what the shelves looked like before the white wash process.


Then the final hanging after the white wash...I like this better.

This area is the other side of the room across from my vanity area. I am still in the process of designing this area. I have more shelves to built...My Tahoe is full AGAIN!!! Oops!!! 

 I plan on this area being the purse station. For now they are hanging and I want them all organized so that I can see what I have and easy access...I hate having to fight to get to anything when I need it NOW!!!

And this is where we are right now...I have more organizing to do...I have to leave the paint in here for other place to put it...but hey it is a closet....SMILES!!!
I want to hang a curtain because guests do have to cross through here to get to the bath area....just some privacy...don't want all my closet revealed..."very innocent smile"

I hope to finish it in the coming days..but so far I have been doing THE HAPPY DANCE every morning!!!

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