Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Photography #1

Hello promised I am updating with new flower pics...My yard has color everywhere...I hope you ENJOY as much as I have...
The Yellow Cactus blooms are the very first since planting it 2 years ago...I am so EXCITED that it finally bloomed....BIG SMILES!!!!

The Cross I made for a friend that found this old piece of tin on the side of the road. She stopped picked it up, dropped at my house, she said use it if you can, if not trash it....I used it to make a gift for her...SMILES

That is all the new photos I have....
I love comments...please feel free...

Happy Hump day Everyone!!!
I am so looking forward to the weekend...maybe a fishing trip in store for me...hummm????
I love Photography and have been doing it for about 30 years now...I mostly take Nature and Flowers....
I LOVE FLOWERS!!!!  I think that is why I grow so many different ones, so I can photograph them...SMILE!

Fox Glove

I have a 50 mm macro lens that has was well worth the money!!!! I shot a Canon 40D & 30D so that I can interchange the lenses to each camera...that way I don't have to change out lenses so often...macro on 1 and zoom on the out pretty good...WINK!!
I make all kinds of tin yard art as well...This was some scrap tin I made into a cross for one of my flower beds....very SIMPLE but it makes a colorful statement...
The Dahlia's are new this year...I have them in a couple colors...this beauty and a pink beauty as well...
We well see if me and Dahlia's get along very well this summer...BIG SMILES!!
This is the first blooming of this Iris Plant. I transplanted it last year from the big one and it has gotten bigger than the original so far...I have Iris plants all around my yard, you might say I like the Iris...WINK, WINK!
Iris 2012
The flowers have grown so much since these photos, I will have to get more pics of the others that are blooming now and do an update on this blog...SMILES!!!

foxglove bud

Gerber Daisy new life

As you can tell, I take pictures of all stages of the blooming process...
more Foxglove


I hope you all enjoyed my flowers as much as I do....SMILES....
I will get more shots soon and update...Also I am ready for the Sr. Pic and Prom Blog...just did not have my edited pics with me today..."Sorry"

Have a good week....

Till next time....

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