Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Memorial Day

Good Morning Everyone
I am just sitting out in the CRISP morning is Quite and waiting on the house to wake up. 
I thought I would get a blog post in before the Day gets too busy...Well I might get it started...SMILES!!

I have posted a couple blogs about tables that I got from a SURPRISE Auction that I found in our Town Square...this is one more of those tables. 

When I got this little was so Wobbly ...but Good Bones...that is always what I look for...
 In this picture I am taking the corner braces off, they were busted and I had to repair 3 of the 4

The top of the table was pretty scuffed up, but nothing that was not repairable...

I took the whole thing apart and started my you can see it needed lots of repairs..but hey I only paid $5 for the table...SMILES...

I let the glue set for about 48 hours..finishing up some of my other projects...WINK, WINK!!
I took all the clamps and straps off, put it all back together, except for the top, and it was ready for paint...
If you read many of my post, you know by now, I LOVE BLACK!!! So guess what color this table was to become...LAUGHS...
I sanded the whole thing with a 50 grit paper and then with a 220 grit...all the old finish came off and I was so glad....NO STRIPPING!!!

So after a couple coats of my favorite Valspar Satin Paint...I put the top back on and distressed and then did the finish to look like a Pottery Barn Piece...I also waxed with a Minwax Finishing Wac...It was a NEW TABLE...I love the color...of course...WINK..WINK... and now it is strong and I would not be afraid to set a lamp or anything else on it....LAUGHS... 
One of my little helpers

I hear the house waking hubby has already been out here bugging me...
So I wish you all a SAFE AND HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!!!

Thanks for stopping by...Charlene
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Trash to TREASURE

Happy End of the Week Everyone...This is my Friday...I am headed to my step-daughter's graduation tonight and then off to TEXAS tomorrow to see my son's....  I am so excited about the trip...I miss them so much!!!

A couple of weeks back, my hubby and I were out at his Moms and there was this really cool screen door laying on the burn pile...I ask if she wanted it and of course I loaded that thing right up in the truck and off to the house I went. 

I have to say it was in bad shape...laying out in the weather had made it very weak, and the screen was shot, not to mention some of the deco wood pieces were missing pieces...SMILES!!

The frame to the screen was still in good shape, so all I had to do was get new screen and re-screen it and we were cooking on that area...
I already had the tools to do that, and screening cord was still good too, so I spend $3.00 for Nylon Screen.

This is the screen door as I started Gluing the pieces back together. I used many clamps, a framing strap and Gorilla Wood Glue to put this Beauty back together. 

I let it cure for 48 hours before I started removing the clamps and straps. 

You want to make sure your door is square when you do this process, or you will end up with a bowed door...

I have not re-stained the door yet, I am still trying to decide if I want to stain or paint, I have a really cool color picked out for my front door...Pedicure at what does that make you think of????  WINK, WINK,....

I had some spring hinges laying around, that is what I used for now, I am still not sure about that you can guess...when it comes to something for my house, I never can will either come to me out of the Blue or I will change it many times until I am HAPPY with the final result...

Funny, when it comes to someone else's things...I DO NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM...WHY DOES THAT NEVER APPLY TO ME....LAUGHS!!!

The door came with a hydraulic plunger and I had to buy some replacement TOTAL I spent $18.00 and a little of my time. 

I now have a SCREEN DOOR...and am LOVING it on the cool nights and doggies don't know what to think about it yet...but they are getting used to it...

Also I wanted to share with you what my WONDERFUL Hubby got me for my BIRTHDAY...
 Let me tell you Ladies and Gents...this is a GREAT HANDY DANDY LITTLE cuts out having to use so many big tools for little projects...

The Drimel Saw Max...GET YOU ONE!!!!

Thanks Everyone for stopping by, Have a SAFE AND HAPPY HOLIDAY!!!

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Moms and Gram-ma's Mothers Day

Hello Everyone, 
For all the Mother's out there, I hope you all had a Great Day. Even though I did not get to see my sons, headed their way this coming weekend, I had a great day spending time in my yard...and making my Moms and Gram-ma's gift. 

In my last post about the little chest I found at the surprise action in our town square, I also got this cool table for $2.00. Sorry I did not get pictures of it while it was together, but I had to completely take it apart to get it into my Tahoe along with the other tables I bought...I thought I was gonna have to go home and get a trailer..Smiles!!!  It never got put back together when I got home...Wink...I knew it was to become something much more DELIGHTFUL!!!!

It was a double End Table..with a glass insert in the top section. I knew the possibilities of this very decorative piece, so I bid on it when no one else did...SCORE!!

This is what became of the was in pretty bad shape, so it got a really good sanding...first 50 grit than 120 grit...

I had the problem of the hole where the leg dowels were ran through...I headed to Lowe's and in the staircase section, found these Pretty Little Deco pieces..
I applied with E6000 Glue...


I let this set over night and started painting the next morning.
I painted the main section a Valspar Tropical Foliage. It is a new color and I am loving it right now...
Tropical Foliage

painting trim
I then painted the trim a Krylon Safety Purple..I picked up about 10 cans of this color at a flea-market for $2.50 a can...this is another of my FAVES at the moment.....WINK..WINK

While letting this all dry, I got started on my chalk board.
 I have been making my own chalk board paint, I found the recipe on Pinterest. I like how this paint turns out and PERSONALLY I LIKE IT BETTER than the EXPENSIVE STORE BOUGHT BRAND!!! Not to mention you can mix any color you want....
I keep scrap pieces of bead-board around for chalkboards....after sanding with a FINE GRIT..120-220, it makes a great base for your paint. 
I usually apply the first coat with a sponge roller, let it dry, sand with a 150 grit paper, apply  a second coat, let dry, VERY LIGHTLY SAND AGAIN, and then take some chalk and go over the whole board to condition it...I then take a damp cloth and wipe it all clean...and you have a NEW CHALK BOARD READY FOR CHALK!!! 

After I had all the pieces ready it was time for assembly. Before I started putting together, I decided to distress and then antique it all...I wanted to tone the bright down just a TAD!! 

distressing the wood...I LOVE IT!!!
antiquing brings out all the details

I put the chalk board into the area that held the glass top, I then started adding my trim to keep it. I pre-drilled the trim so that when I attached with nails, it would not split my wood.
After the nails were in, I dropped some paint on my nails to hide them...made them look like rivets...PRETTY COOL!!
adding the trim

After I carefully applied all the was finished...time for the final pictures.

Then I realized I needed a CHALK off to the barn I went again. I came back with some quarter round, cut what length I wanted, sanded, painted, distressed, antiqued...and then reversed it and attached to the bottom of the main board. 
 before chalk holder
after chalk holder attached, and hung at MOMS
And the whole thing is done!!!  Mom and Gram-ma LOVED IT...I have to admit, I DID TOO...I think this is one of my BEST pieces of yet!!! What do you think?  You know I LOVE COMMENTS!!!


Thanks so much for Stopping By...

aka - Hink
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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Chest Completed

I hope you all have had a great week...I have had a busy weekend and week...I have reduced my hours at work and so I have more time to work at home...WINK...WINK... Really I had to due to my health, but it does give me more time to piddle on things around here...SMILES!!

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was working on a new project...and that it was something like the buffet that I completed earlier this year....Well I finally finished it....A HUGH SIGH OF RELIEF....

I lucked up on this little auction in our town square one Saturday morning and found this little jewel sitting there waiting on me...Wink!!
I purchased a few pieces that morning...but SCORED this Baby for $10.00!!

I had it in our spare bedroom for a few weeks now...I just have been so busy with other things and well not feeling the best lately...

So this past weekend my Hubby was home for the weekend and I decided to take advantage of the help and get it out and get started on it...

As you can see, there were some issues that needed to be addressed...but for the most part, the piece was strong and came with the original mirror...
As I started sanding the small issues became larger issues and well in the end...I ended up removing all the veneer just like I did on the Buffet.
This was NOT an EASY CHORE. I was so grateful for the help from Hubby, he ironed as I scraped to get the TOP of the chest cleaned off...SMILES.
I had just redone an old cabinet that was in the barn for the Kitchen and decided that I wanted to put this little chest under the new I left the mirror off and just transformed the chest alone.
I used the same paint as I did before...Valspar Latex Enamel (Satin Black)...This is really good paint!!!!
knobs before and after rub & buff

On the hardware I decided to try something different. I cleaned with 409 and a toothbrush, and then when dry, I simply used some Rub & Buff in Antique Gold. I just wanted to enhance the detail in the knobs and pulls...In the picture you can see the before (left) and after (right) difference.

After the paint had dried, I distressed to match the buffet and reattached the hardware and the Little Beauty was finished...

I also covered the inside of the drawers with some really cute papers and modge podge...I did not get photos of this before uploading for this blog...Sorry.., but I can say..if you have the opportunity to do this to any of your turns out to be so cute...and a wonderful surprise for anyone who opens them...SMILES!!! 

Well it is late so I am going to turn in for the night...glad you stopped by...Remember I LOVE COMMENTS.....


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