Monday, June 18, 2012

What to do with them old WORK jeans!!

Hello Everyone!!!

I hope this post finds you all well...I have been a busy BEE...I just love the Summer Months....SMILES!!

A few weeks back, I decided to take some of my husbands old stained work jeans and make him a good boot / hard hat bag..

He is always sitting those things on my porch when he comes in, "So he does not forget them" and NOW he can put them with his other luggage and not JUNK up my PORCH!!

before cutting
I gathered up all his old work jeans to see how much
material I was gonna have..and what other options I would have....pockets...etc..

after cutting
This is my PILE after I got through cutting...WINK!!

I cut the main seams out of the legs...just to make the sewing easier...and then made the front and back...kind of looked like a LARGE SKIRT...LAUGHS...I even told my Hubby...Honey...I made you a New SKIRT!!! HE DID NOT FIND AS MUCH HUMOR IN THAT AS I DID....BIG LAUGHS.!!!!
front panel
I sewed pockets all around the front and back as well as using the regular he has lots of deep pocket storage with industrial Velcro to keep closed...I then sewed a pocket inside to separate his boots from his hard hat. 

inside divider pocket
another view of divider

bottom panel
I used one pant leg cut in half for the bottom...

and stitched to my SKIRT...WINK WINK!! You will have to made some darts to get everything to fit right..I also sewed a strip around the waist to fit for a drawstring...and then added some handles as per my  hubby's request...I tried to personalize to all his needs...and even made room for his large winter coat and bibs when he has to carry those with him.
draw string waist


And the  finished bag...holds 2 hard hats...VERY LARGE work boots...Winter Coat & Bibs if needed...with lots of storage and secure closures...MY HUBBY LOVES IT!!!! When it gets dirty, I just throw it in the washer along with all his other work will never wear out!!!

And best of all, he has not left it on my porch since!!!

So there you have it 1 more thing to do with those old worn out jeans 
that you were gonna throw in the trash!!

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