Thursday, July 12, 2012

My $5 Yard Sale Find

 Hello Everyone...

Just a little time to share something I lucked up on while in Texas visiting my sons...

Like me....My oldest LOVES to Yard Sale too!!

diving into the treasure!!!

I got this box full for $5..they told me it was all there...even the mirrors...I was a bit skeptical...but hey for only 5 was worth a Looksie.  

So after a couple weeks I dug into the box....there was lots of wood pieces...and INDEED 2 mirrors...WOOHOO... 

Now the instructions!!! that was a different matter....WINK! WINK! 
They looked like some little Critters had been feasting on them!!
I planted my self under the shade tree in my front yard and got to organizing.  1st I made sure all the pieces were there...and low and behold....EVEN THE HARDWARE WAS IN THE BOX!!!


I got started putting everything together...there was lots of gluing and lots of different sizes of screws and bolts...WHEW!!
Hey this thing is has lots of storage..and even 2 LOCKING DRAWERS!!!...with Old Fashion Skeleton Keys..TOO COOL!!!!

Finally I got it all together and now it was time for paint or stain. 

A few months earlier, I had purchased this Ebony Stain...I did not know at the time what I wanted to do with it...But I just love dark woods...and it was such a Beautiful color...

I knew I wanted a stain, because the wood grains on the panels were so prominent...
Since all the other pieces in my bath are Black...the Ebony Stain was a perfect choice for this project. 

And the final piece stained...this is not such a good was on my phone with me at work...SORRY... But I promise the wood grains in the dark stain are Amazing!!! 

I even re-purposed a light fixture that my Auntie gave was Oak and Bright know the look...SMILES!  (you can see it in this pic at the top)

I used Krylon Black Satin and attached a pull chain to the bottom...Works perfect above the new Medicine Cabinet!! 

So there you have it a Solid Wood  and Updated Light Fixture for about $5.50...What a DEAL!!!

Until Next Time...

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  1. Oh my! Definitely a good yard sale find here! This would cost your a good hundred dollars or more new! Good job!

  2. Tks Helena...You know me and Bargins!!! SMILES!!


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