Thursday, August 16, 2012

Peacock Blue!!!

Hello Everyone...I hope this finds you all well. 

I have been busy as usual...SMILES!! The weather has been somewhat easier on me and I have been able to get out and PAINT!!

I had purchased this old desk at a junk shop months back and it has been in my barn since...I finally dug it out and started sanding on it...
Before sanding 

 OMG THAT WAS A JOB!!!  I had to let my arm recoup for about a week after that experience. At first I thought it had stick on liner on it...
and then I realized it was just a real good example of a REALLY BAD PAINT JOB!! The more I sanded the worse it got...

during the sanding process

Finally I just gave up and got out the Easy Off and let it do the HARD WORK!! 
 After they spent a little time whole world seemed a little better...WINK, WINK... The sanding went along much easier and before you knew it...WA LA  bare wood!!
I had a few small repairs to tackle...drawers and legs glued back...and that was just about it. I put it back on the cart and back in the barn it I said arm had to recoup...

When the weather cooled again...I got out my handy dandy cart (a gift from my wonderful hubby) it makes hauling things like this a WIZ! 

I had found this Beautiful Turquoise (PEACOCK BLUE) paint and could not wait to get started. 

I loved how the color turned out.  I used the same hardware just updated with a Satin Caramel Metallic paint. 

And finally I decided to transform a Ant Chair I had in my booth that had not was Ant white with a striped seat...I wanted to pair it with the desk so I found some fabric and that is what lead me to the color for the chair.
 I think the pair go together perfect! The other colors, orange, yellow, pink, leave plenty of room for a very colorful room...BIG SMILES.

Well that is about it for me for now...I have a Antique chest of drawers I found on the side of the road and an Antique Cedar chest that I still have stashed in the barn...the weather is cooling...HOPEFULLY!!!  so be on the look out...MORE TO COME!!...

Thank you all for stopping by:


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Thursday, August 9, 2012

My New Products!!

Hello Everyone!!! ...I have been down for a bit...Just too busy to sit and blog...I am SORRY!!! 

It has been so HOT here that I have not been doing much in the furniture department...My Paint literally crackles when it hits the surface of what I am painting...THAT IS JUST TOO HOT!!! 

AND ME BEING THE KIND WHO CAN'T STAY STILL...SMILES... I have been keeping myself busy INDOORS...

I got out all my sewing stuff and my faithful Brother Machine, when through all my fabric and got to CREATING!!

my gramma gave me her sewing box...I filled it up!!

I had loads of fabric, YOU CAN ALWAYS USE FABRIC!!!  I also had to get out there and find some of the new patterns...GOT TO HAVE THOSE BRIGHT COLORFUL PATTERNS YOU KNOW!!..

I decided to make a trash bag for my Tahoe...and when I was finished with it... I just kept on making them..BIG BIG SMILES... I found I am loving sewing again!!! Thank goodness, because like I said IT IS TOO HOT OUTSIDE!!! 

And in my area...I had to make some CAMO AND PINK!!!! & CAMO for the guys!!!

I made some Razorback bags, (our college mascot) and some high school Mascot bags and of course BRIGHT BRIGHT COLORFUL ONES....

I made the straps adjustable with button holes so that you can hang them from somewhere in the front or on the headrest to hang in the back...You know those babies are MESSY!! 

I have a LARGE Button Collection!!

 I did this with some transfer paper, a Iron and some Ribbon...
 And of course you need a container to keep your labels in...I get a lot of these little I seem to be the one who always has to got get the drug test at work...I think they have a conspiracy against me...but Hey I get free containers every-time...So it evens out...Laughs

I have found that ironing on an old piece of cloth on top of the washer or the best...Do Not Use the Ironing Board to make these labels...

Additional items that I love to use when sewing...I love these scissors...they save my hands..

I also like these type of pins...they are very thin and long..I would not suggest them on bulky fabric, it might bend them...but for this cotton...they work great!!

And if you do much sewing...this little gadget is a must!! It saves so much time when ironing a set hems, or curtains...etc... 

And finally my little travel kit...I use this so much I cannot even imagine not having is just the right size for tread, ripper, needles, scissors..MY SEEING GLASSES!!!WINK, WINK...whatever you might need for the project you are currently working on...and it even has another attachment for more space...

Well that about sums it up for now...I have more projects I am working on and will share soon...I promise...Don't forget about me...I AM STILL HERE!!!! BIG SMILES...



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