Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's Been A While

Hello Everyone...I have not been here in some time...However, I am still KICKING!!! SMILES!!

There have been some life changes for me and finding time to sit and blog has not been on my radar of late.

If you keep up with me, you know I love to redo things...Furniture, Tin, Wood...etc...well all that REDOING...has REDONE MY HANDS!!  SAD FACE!!

I finally got tired of waking up at night crying with my I broke down and went to the ORTHO doc...I need surgery on my right one NOW!!


I have managed to convince him to give me shots for I am NOT A FAN of SURGERY!!! I can take those for a few more times and then I will have to BITE THE BULLET  and go under the knife...

I have had to put a HALT to the REDOING for now...I still manage to get a piece in here and there...I cannot not stand it...all those pieces just waiting on me to give them NEW LIFE!!!

I think I mentioned in my last post..that I was sewing more...Well I am now sewing LOTS!!! and I am Loving it...

I am making Bags, Bags, Bags....I am thinking of transforming my blog from Redoing SEWING..and all that goes along with it..

I think it would be a good I am a self taught sewing mania...SMILES and I learn something every time I make something new...When I am designing a new bag...I learn from my mistakes..and am thinking that others can learn from my mistakes as well.

My latest venture...I bought one of those over the door ironing boards, you know the one with the CHEAP ironing board cover...and NO is like you are ironing on the Metal Frame.

Well I got Tired of that Real Quick!!! SO....I have been making all these matching goodies for my sewing room and decided that my ironing board needed to match as well..RIGHT!!

Please don't pay attention to my sheet covered couch...My dogs love to ROOT & SNORT on it...BIG SMILES!!

So you can also see my ironing board attachment in this holds my Scissors, pins, ruler, etc...and on the other side is a pocket to catch the waste..That thing has been SO USEFUL!!

The Iron Board Cover is reversible and I used 100% Cotton Batting. Now there is enough padding that I don't feel the metal frame and I can take it off, throw it in the wash...and when I get tired of PINK...FLIP  and I have GREEN!!!

Talk about an Ironing Pad...OMG!!! that Cotton Batting makes the World of Difference!! IT GETS HOT NOW...and the cotton absorbs the moisture from the steam as well.
I think I made a good choice on that one...LAUGHS!!

So now EVERYTHING IS MATCHING!! and I have a NEW Ironing Board Again...

My husband keeps telling me that I am pretty good at this Sewing Stuff, and I should sell these things...HUMMM...that is a thought!!!

I have been lucky with my Etsy Shop. It is finally taking off and I have added many more items to it JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

You can check it out "A Touch of Hink" and Please do Find me on Pintrest..I post new pictures of Bags there, weather I am selling them or not.

Well that is about it for now, hopefully I will attend to my blog more...SORRY!!!

You all have a HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

"A Touch of Hink"

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