Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Magnetic snaps MADE EASY!!

Hi Everyone! It has been awhile. I have been hibernating for the winter.  SMILES!!

As I mentioned in my last post I have been doing lots of sewing and every project I read or pattern I make there is always a different way to install Magnetic Snaps....

I don't understand that...I think people sometimes give too much info trying to make sure that everyone can understand...and in just makes it more confusing...

So I decided to post my way of doing it.
                                                                                       First you start with the wrong side of the fabric where you want your snap. You can see here I marked mine earlier and now am ready for the install.
I use scraps of Pellon stabilizer, I usually have lots of these laying around. I cut them to about 1.5 x 2 and that will be what gives the extra support for the snap. I use spray adhesive to attach the Pellon to my fabric, you can purchase fusible Pellon or other stabilizers if you like, but I have found this works great.
adding pressure
I then take something flat and apply pressure to the patch to make sure it adheres to the fabric.

I then usually fold my fabric in half and give it a quick shot with the iron to make a center mark and then measure where I want my snap to be located. 
 I want to measure up or down from one edge and then from the side will want to keep up with these measurements as you will have to do the same on the other piece of fabric.
side measurement

Center mark

The next step that makes it easy...take you snap and center it over your center mark and apply pressure with the prongs, this will leave small divots in the Pellon. This is where you will cut. I use a fabric pen to make all my marks and I mark my divots as well so I can see just how much to cut.
These are my tools of the trade...A piece of board..and an exacto knife and a pair of sm needle nose pliers.

 You can see here that I have made very small slits and now starting to push my prongs in the slits from the right side of the fabric.
I then attach the metal disc that comes with the snap and use my pliers to bend the prongs over to secure the snap in place

 After I use the pliers I simply use my thumbs to finish bending the prongs down.
And here is the view from the wrong side of fabric with everything finished. 

And the front of the fabric DOES THAT NOT LOOK SO PERFECT NICE AND NEAT!!!
Magnetic Snap installed 
 And finally I do the same thing for the other half of the snap and you have a complete Magnetic Snap installed and ready for use in your project...
Snap on both fabrics...


I hope that this was helpful to you gals out there...and that you won't be afraid of all those directions floating around the cyber world...just dive in there and have fun!!!

If you have any questions, please give me a shout...

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