Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pillow Shams from King Size Pillow Cases

Hello Everyone, It has been awhile. I have been busy, busy...I have finally retired from work and now hopefully I will have more time to devote to my blogs and to other projects I have laying around waiting on my creative mind to get back to....SMILES!!

One of the latest projects I have been working on. I wanted to redo our bedroom. I finally got tired of the dark golds, and browns and wanted a completely different look.

I decided on Black and White with a POP of RED.. Well it has been a while in the making, finding the perfect comforter and drapes, bed skirt, pillow...etc...


I did find the perfect Duvet Cover at IKEA while I was in Texas...and also purchased a lightweight weight  year round duvet insert to go inside....However there were NO shams to match, only King Size Pillow Cases.

I had purchased a nice heavy Black fabric to make the bed skirt and I knew I wanted the shams to match the duvet cover so I decided to use the pillow cases that came with it to make shams...Great Ideal Right...

Well I learned a few things in the process and also a few tricks as well...LAUGHS!!

I decided I wanted a mitered corner border out of the Black fabric and so I got to work measuring and reading, had never made a mitered corner before, and off to the sewing room I went.

These are the colors I decided to use on the Shams.
Pillow case for the front, Black for the border, and White for the back envelope.

I started ripping the pillow case apart and WOW I had a lot of fabric to work with.

This is my new Iron...I had to show you guys...I love this thing...if you sew or quilt...You will not be disappointed in this Shark Iron....
 I decided to use Craft Fuse to add a little body to the black fabric so that the border would stand up some when attached. You can find this product at
Jo Ann's Fabric, I use this a lot when making bags or anything I want to have some stabilization. I love this product.
The directions for the mitered corner says to attach the sides first leaving a 1/4" allowance at the corners. Then to add the top and bottom pieces doing the same...I found that leaving a 1/4" on the sides and then sewing all the way on the top and bottom worked better for left me a crisp corner. 
 You were then to draw a 45 deg angle line and sew along the line and then trim to a 1/4" allowance...THIS IS WHERE I MESSED UP!!!!
I know now I should of made my corners on the front fabric and when all were finished attach my back fabric to the border and that would cover the cut marks on the seams....HEY I AM LEARNING HERE!!!
Bad thing as soon as I cut I realized what I had done....*&^^((^%$

BUT being the crafty little thing that I am....I found a way to fix it...OMG I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE I DID THAT!!! In my defense it was late and my mind was tired...BLAH...BLAH...BLAH...HEY EVERYONE IS ENTITLED TO A MAJOR ONE EVERY NOW AND THEN. LAUGHS!!!

1/4" Seam allowance 


My solution to the MAJOR MISTAKE!!! I got out some binding tape and got to work covering my the end it worked great....and Hey they are for my bed anyway...I am the only one who has to look at it daily....SMILES...I will probably end up tearing them apart and will drive me CRAZY!!!

sewing end first
I started by sewing the tape backwards on the end and then flipping and sewing down the seam on the corner.
finish by sewing down seam on corner

I then cut my back fabric and hemmed one side that would be the finished edge.

Then I pinned the 2 pieces to the front **Right sides together** and sewed a 1/2" Seam all around the edges making sure to reinforce the corners.

I then turned and used my favorite tool to get the corners out crisp...A Crochet Hook...about medium size...Works Great!!!


You can see the corners worked great and the BOBO on the back is NOT Noticeable at all...WINK WINK!!

This picture does not do these Shams Justice.....Sorry!!
And they look GREAT on the BED!!!
I used the remainder fabric to add to the pillow cases that go to the sheets..(just plain White Cotton) and so now they coordinate as well..

Now the Throw Pillows....

I had already picked out my back to the sewing room I went.

I started with the red....Isn't it Beautiful!!! just your basic pillow cover...cut your fabric 1" larger all sides than your pillow measures, I added a Black Cord Trim to one side first and then with right sides together sew the pieces together leaving an opening to get your pillow in...I then hand stitched the opening closed and then made 2 buttons from the Black Fabric left over from the Pillow Shams. I used Upholstery Thread to attach the is much stronger than regular thread and will not snap when you pull your buttons tight to make a divot in the middle. I just attached the thread to one button, used a doll needle to pull the thread through the pillow to the other side and grabbed the other button and then back through the pillow a couple times and the ended by tying off on one button. So both sides look the same, and I loved the way it turned out.

Upholstery thread / doll needle 

Button making kit found at any craft store...or Walmarts
Black Cord Trim

I then used the other fabric to make 2 more pillows to coordinate with the bedding. I simply cut the back piece to 1" larger than the pillow and then measured out what sizes I wanted my panels in the front to end up matching the measurements of the back panel, I made a corded trim from the left over fabric from the pillow shams. I just used some basic white cord you can purchase at any fabric store and cut my strips 2.5", sewed them together like you would when making binding tape and then made my cording from that...Then I attached to one panel and then with right sides together simply sew together like the Red Pillow and finish the same.  
Back side of panel pillows
 I like the way the back is a solid color and that I can mix and match depending on my mood.

Corded Trim made from left over fabric.
I am planning on making a couple more pillows but these are gonna be more labor intensive. I will make that another blog....SMILES...and will included in steps how to make a cording trim as well...So be sure to check back...BIG SMILES!!

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