Thursday, July 25, 2013

Portable Ironing Board

Hello Friends,

I hope this post finds you all well. This last couple weeks have been HOT and BUSY for me.
I have been busy with finishing some projects, some NEW projects and STARTING NEW projects for FALL.

I have been feeling kinda under the weather so I have been taking my time. SMILES!!

I recently finished my Knick Knack Paddy Wack Wall Quilt, and OMG it turned out SO CUTE!!

I also have been working on a new hipster bag for my Aunt. 

While I was at a Quilting Show in Hot Springs a couple weekends ago, I found some beautiful fabrics for Fall Projects. I have my Fall Skinny all planned out and finished up some more Summer Skinny's as well.

I like to applique A WHOLE LOT, so in order to make it easier I made a portable ironing board that I could keep close to me where ever I might be in my sewing room.
I used a wood TV tray for the base and made the cover out of heat resistant batting, cotton batting and cotton fabric.
cotton fabric
corner template

heat proof batting
This was one of the easiest projects I have ever made...SMILES....

I simply measured my TV Tray Top and added an .5" each side for allowance.

I then layered my heat resistant batting than some cotton batting and then cotton fabric and quilted as I wanted..I just stippled around the whole thing.

I made a simple template to round the corners.

Then I measured my elastic width and then I got creative...LAUGHS... I used my binding as my elastic holder around the whole top.
I simply attached my binding as you would any quilted project, I stitched to the back first and when I folded to the front, I made sure to leave plenty of room for the elastic.

attaching binding
handy dandy elastic puller

pulling tension 

finish with a few stitches
 I finished by pulling tension on my elastic and then finished it off with a few stitches back and forth...Had to make sure it did not come loose...WINK, WINK...

Ironing board finished

The cover is removable for washing or if I need the TV Tray, you know sometimes you have company and not enough places to eat...LAUGHS

The only thing I would change if making another, would be to add another layer of fabric to the bottom simply for washing. I don't like the ideal of the batting being exposed...So I hand wash and hang to dry instead of throwing in the washer.

Now I am starting on my FALL Projects and that will keep me busy for a bit...
This is what I have gotten so far

I hope to have this finished this evening and then will probably start drawing my FALL SKINNY pieces...
I have some GREAT IDEALS for it...BIG SMILES!!!

So until next time, stay safe and try to sew some stitches each day...

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