Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bandanna Table Runner

Hello Friends,

I hope this post finds you all well...

This is about a really COOL table runner that I created for my son Blake. It was his Ideal for me to use Bandannas and he told me how he wanted it to look and the rest was up to me...SMILES!!

I did this a couple months back but I have not been able to really do anything lately because I apparently hurt my self and have been taking it easy.  I am not sure what I did, but my husband seems to think it is a Hip Flex...I am going to the doctor tomorrow and hopefully that is what it is and not a new back injury!!!

My son lives in Texas and knew he wanted TEXAS on the table runner and wanted it Red White and Blue, and when I was there visiting we were deciding on fabric, he found a Bandanna and said he thought it would be cool to have it made from them...

I went to Hobby Lobby and got what I needed while I was still in Texas and was ready when I got home to get started. I got two of each color even though I knew how much I needed, GOT TO BE SAFE YOU KNOW...LAUGHS!!
I then started cutting them square and getting all the printing off.

I sit down and designed how Blake and I had discussed and what kind of quilting designs I thought would be good for the end result...

I got started sewing...
Blake wanted it to look like the Texas Flag so that is how I put the colors together and then I made the TEXAS letters. I needed 3 panels to get the length that I needed. I appliqued my letters and stars on with Embroidery thread..I always use this thread for has a wonderful sheen and very strong.

I used Red fabric as my background for my letters and after I got all my panels finished I put them all together and then decided what I was gonna use on the back fabric. The length needed to be 50" so I had to piece my backing fabric.

I decided to add a little special surprise for my kiddo...BIG SMILES...

 I had a pattern with a star that is what I used for my stars on the front and also for the surprise on the back..

I always use the left over cardboard from the fat squares that I purchase for my really makes a very stable object to work with. This is also what I used for my letters.

I always have the pattern to use again if needed...Wink Wink!!

I used a Red White and Blue poka dot for the back fabric and pieced in my red strip with my appliqued star on it in the center.

Now QUILTING TIME.... I decided to use a Stipple Stitch all over the bandannas and Echo the Stars..
I also use Embroidery thread when I am FMQ as well...It is a Bold thread that does not break or tangle very much...I am really liking the Floriani Thread lately...

This did add some beautiful effects to the back when completed. And I think it worked wonderfully with the print on the Bandannas.

 I used a dark Denim Binding after squaring up the quilt sandwich and the TEXAS FLAG TABLE RUNNER WAS COMPLETE.

Final measurements 12" x 50"

The perfect size for Blake'a Long Table and I was hoping he would like it...
When he got the package he called and said HE LOVED IT!!! JUST WHAT HE WANTED..


He sent me a picture of what else he could use it for... Laughs...

A backdrop for his Guns
I have to admit it does look pretty cool...SMILES..

Now he has plans for me to make something TEXANS for Football Season....HUMMM
Gonna have to think on that one...A table runner or place-mats...LAUGHS..

I am glad you all stopped by and HOPEFULLY by next post I will be up and running....with new Projects to share....

Until then, Stitch a little each day,

Touch of Hink

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Being Lazy

Hello Friends,

I hope that you are having better weather than I is so HOT & HUMID here!!

The humidity is a big problem for me uniformity.

I planned on having this project finished before posting, but that did not work as planned...SMILES!!

I have these health problems and Chronic Pain is one of the Major Symptoms. Everyday I battle with becoming ONE with my OLD WELL WORN RECLINER. Unfortunately most days that is where you will find me, however there are days that I win the battle with my lovable chair and I try to pack as many sewing and quilting projects into the hours of that day as my body will allow...LAUGHS!!

But with the high Humidity, the Chair has been WINNING out more!!!

So I have tried to work on little things here and there...

I really like making these little wristlets and they come in handy for so many things!!

I also managed to finish another Pile of Pumpkins wall hanging.

This is the project I wanted to finish A Chevron Table runner. The last one I made ended up being a zigzag more than you really have to pay attention to how you put your squares together...LOL
BAD THING ABOUT IT...I did not even realize I had mixed them up until I had them all sewed together...I made sure to NOT do that AGAIN!! 

 I cut my squares 5.5" 20 ea. fabric for a total of 40 and then drew a line from corner to corner and stitched 1/4" off line ea. side, to make my 1/2 sq's.
Press the seams opposite directions when stitching together..this will make much easier when lining up to stitch squares 4 together ea.

then I stitched 4 sq pieces together, make sure to press your seams opposite directions when doing this to like up your points perfect. 
After I got everything perfect, I made my quilt sandwich.
 I used coordinating fabric as my backing, and am going to use pink binding to bring out the pink in the top piece.

I have started my quilting but only have gotten the first few seams stitched in the ditch...
I hope to have it finished tonight...God willin...SMILES!! That is if I can stay out of that Recliner!!!

Hopefully next post I will have been more productive...LOL

Until then,  Try to Stitch a Little Each Day...

A Touch of HINK

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