Thursday, September 12, 2013

note book binder strap

Hello Friends, I hope you are all doing well...and that everyone had a Great Holiday Weekend...
I have been busy doing NOTHING....LAUGHS... Actually been very busy but can't seem to get anything accomplished.

Let me start by saying if you are having problems finding my blog...I AM SORRY.... I am currently working on my web site and my blog getting it's own domain...and well it has been an experience..After I get it all straightened out I need to do a post about my whole experience with the WHOLE MESS!!!     OH WHAT A HEADACHE....
Maybe it will help someone who is dealing with what I have been for 2 wks!!

Hopefully soon my blog and web site will be running correctly...if you do get my site instead, there is a link to my blog...AGAIN SO SORRY...

I wanted to share something that I have been making that I just love and I use them on everything...

I first started buying these at Staples from Martha Stewart...had a know...had to get something...SMILES...

Anyway...I loved the ideal of them and found that I really did use them all the time...problem...THEY WERE A LITTLE ON THE PRICEY SIDE...and they only came in Black and Pale Blue...Well you know me IT HAS TO BE PINK!!!

These are so simple to make...and you can use up some of that scrap fabric that everyone of use have loads of...BIG SMILES...

I simply measured the note book I was making it for, this one measured 2.25" x 18.25" folded. = 36.5" total length..
Here you will sew your strip RST to make a tube. First you will want to press each end 1/4" to the wrong side and stitch  and then turn RSO and press your tube with a hot iron. 
I then run my elastic through my tube. I know the picture shows the tube not turned yet...but I was measuring how wide elastic to use...LAUGHS...
My tube ended up being 1 1/8" wide minus the 1/4" seam allowance and my elastic was 7/8" wide it was just the right fit...I wanted to use as wide elastic as I could use. 
Then I ran my elastic through with a XL safety know the ones you use when you are making a Quilt Sandwich...or as big as you can fit in the tube....SMILES!!
Sorry no Pic..
After it was all pulled through...I then secured it each end with a small safety pin and wrapped it around the book I wanted to use.

After I had pulled to the tension I wanted...Use your discretion here I left some room for my book to hold more and PROBALEY MORE THEN IT SHOULD...BIG LAUGHS

I reattached the safety pin on one end to secure and then cut...I simply stitched back and forth over the ends to secure the elastic in place.  

And you have a Book Binder that is TOO CUTE...I found my self making them for every note book or sketch book I have...LAUGHS...I know you will do the same THEY ARE ADDICTING!!!

And you can make them the colors and prints that you want...Now let me see....
fabric....mabye .20
elastic...   "      .05
thread..    "      .05
TOTAL           .30 cents per strip
lets say 2 for   .60
Martha Stewart at Staples                    $3.99 + tax

seems like a pretty good deal to me....and I can make them the size I want....BIG SMILES!!!!

I recently participated in a Coaster was the first one I have done...The patterns were alot of fun to do and I am in love with the fabric I picked...
I hope my swap partner enjoys them as much I as I did making them...
I have yet to receive my coasters from her...looking forward to that...
I also made a couple gifts to send along with the coasters out of the same fabric...SMILES!!


I am looking forward to the next is a FALL MUG RUG SWAP....I DO LOVE MAKING MUG RUGS....SMILES!!!



Well that is it for me for now, I hope you all enjoyed and please come back soon, hopefully everything will be up and running correctly....SMILES

Till then, try to stitch a little each day...and Have A Wonderful Weekend!!

A Touch of Hink

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