Thursday, October 3, 2013

Website Adventures!!! & BANDIT

Hello Friends,

If you have noticed my blog maybe has changed...I have been trying to get a new site up and going for about 2 months now and it is DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!

My new domain is which was supposed to be a stand alone domain that pointed to my blog...well somehow my got mixed up in there somewhere and it DISAPPEARED IN THE WEB HOSTING SPACE NEVER TO BE FOUND AGAIN!!!

So I am still dealing with that and WHO KNOWS HOW IT WILL TURN OUT....

I have been Sewing thought...I always try to find time to sew...SMILES!!
First I want to tell you about my new Iron Water Bottle. I saw this on an episode of Fons & Porter a tip that a reader had sent in. I got mine at Sally's Beauty Supply and the top locks down to keep it from spilling and when filling your iron, the little nozzle works perfect with no bubbling over in the fill hole...
Look what I found on Sale...I don't know what I am gonna do with it yet...But I just fell in love with the colors...LAUGHS!!!

This is another I just fell in love with...I know I will be using this SOON!  Wink...

I have been making bags for my kids for their Birthdays, I am still in the process of that...The first one I just completed was my own NEW DESIGN, and it was Trial and Error....Many ripped stitches...but in the end, it turned out Great and my youngest son loved it...

Pics coming soon of the bags adventure...LAUGHS..

I just completed a Kennel Cover for one of my dogs. He is such a FREAK when we travel. He has to be in the lowest darkest place in the Tahoe and it does not matter how he gets there...ripping out wires...climbing over name it, he is going to get there ONE WAY OR ANOTHER...
So I have had to resort to traveling with him in his kennel...and he would so stressed I had to do something.
One day I grabbed a black backdrop from my photography studio and just covered the whole kennel...That seemed to help some...WELL THAT ALONG WITH THE HAPPY PILLS MY VET GAVE FOR HIM...

So I decided if he had to be covered, he was going to have a cute cover...and BLACK of course!!
I just used the backdrop for my fabric and got to measuring and cutting...I cut the sides and back and top first. 
 I then decided that I wanted some COLOR...IMAGINE THAT...WINK!!
I had some fabric put back to make them a quilt and I got this Cute Print out and decided it would be the contract fabric...
I decided I wanted windows in the sides even though he need dark, in our house there is no need for the whole thing to be enclosed. I had to line the red with black fabric, kind of like light filtering curtains...LAUGHS..

I decided what size and where I wanted them and made my window panel and then placed it on my side panel and marked with a chalk pencil. I then measured in 1" marked then in another 1/2" and did the same...
I stitched around the 1" line and then cut out with a ruler and rotary cutter on the 1/2" line to make a window...I had made a miter mark in the corners and when cutting, careful not to cut into the stitching you just finished.
Then I folded the fabric to the wrong side along the stitched line and pressed with a hot iron and steam.

Then I top stitched it close to the edge to secure it.
I then attached my window panel matching the lines that I drew when first starting

I started with tie straps to keep the window closed and that changed, I would have to have so many to keep it closed secure enough for my CRAZY DOG!!

So I took all them off except the top ones that would hold the window open. And attached Velcro instead...that makes so much more sense and EASIER..
I had left my front open for a reason, I DID NOT KNOW WHAT I WANTED TO DO...LAUGHS.

 I decided to cut a header strip and two side strips around the door opening and attach them to the rest of the cover. I hemmed my side panels and back panel using 1" of the fabric, folding 1/2" twice and stitching along the top edge of the fold. Then I stitched my side panels and my back together first...making 1 LONG piece.

Then I started working on the top. BANDIT HAD TO HAVE HIS NAME ON HIS COVER...RIGHT...SMILES...

I made the letters and Appliqued them to the top panel.  CUTE HUH...wink..wink..

I then attached my top panel to the sides and back. I tried it on the kennel to decide how to make the smaller strips around the door opening...It was looking good so far....

I made my door the same way as the window panels but much larger...have to cover all the holes you know...I don't know why Bandit is like this..he has rode in a vehicle since birth...WEIRD

 I also attached Velcro on the door panel as well. Then stitched to the top panel. And just the finishing touches and it was ready for the kennel...

The whole thing is completely BLACK when all the openings are covered.. CRAZY DOG will love that...and with the windows and door open, there is plenty of air circulating keeping him cool...

After he got in and checked it out..I think he approved....BIG SMILES....

Now making LITTLE MISS MIWI'S!!! 
thank goodness she is not as FREAKY AS BANDIT!!!!

Next post hopefully will be about the bags and other things I have been up to...
Until then, Try to Stitch a little each Day...

Glad You Stopped By:

Aka Hink

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