Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Little Dirty

Hello everyone...I hope you all are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel from all this WINTER WEATHER...I am beginning to think we are gonna just stay WINTER FROM NOW ON!!!

A bit back we moved and all the little things that come after...Can't remember where you put things..are you ever gonna find things... why did I put that there?...And where did that come from....LAUGHS!!

One thing that was new to us was a full size dishwasher, and getting my husband to put dirty dishes in it was like pulling teeth..
Maybe because I always took care of that...
He would wash them by hand though... I give him points for that..

His excuse to me was "I don't know if they are clean or dirty...I am sure many of you have that same problem from at least 1 of your family members...SMILES..

So I remedied that ....

 I made this too cute sign for the front of the dishwasher.
Clean on 1 side and Dirty on the other..just flip over...too simple..even my hubby can do that...LAUGHS!! Sorry Alan...

Now you have to admit...TOO CUTE!!!
I liked it so much, I decided to make a cover for my Kitchen Aid Mixer to match...SMILES...

I may even do a tutorial on this one...
It is lined with black fabric, and could be reversed if wanted...:)

this is the end view...TOO CUTE AGAIN!!

I am happy with my new kitchen theme...and I was not trying for it...LAUGHS!! 
But this Rooster Fabric was the perfect 1 for these projects...would you not agree?

So back to the trying to find things...and maybe never finding them...who knows...I really do not like to MOVE!! 

Hopefully the Mother Nature will have mercy on us and give some pretty weather soon, and I can finally get to start on the shop...OMG that is a whole other story...
Have no clue where all that is gonna go...
Maybe out by the side of the road FREE!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by and please do come back..


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The move is over!!!

Finally we are MOVED, and my new sewing space is up and running...I was having withdraws..SMILES!!

It took so long to get started again, I had to practice on a couple small projects to get my legs back under me...LAUGHS!!  But I am now back to the projects that I had to put aside for the move and going strong.

I did manage to get a couple gifts completed before Christmas..

 A couple mug rugs for friends who love to ride..

Even though I have new labels, I simply stitch my name in most of my products.

Love the colors on this one...She loved it!!
 A makeup brush for another friend and she loved it too!
When I found this fabric, it screamed her name....LAUGHS

Here I added a new label to the front of roll.
 I added contrast with interior fabrics, and covered back fabric with vinyl to keep it clean from the brushes.
That is about all I got finished before Christmas, but I did manage to finish a couple projects I had started during my visit to Texas...They loved them too...It makes me so HAPPY when people like what I make for them and appreciate the love that went into each stitch...


In my last post I promised the steps to my new space...GET is crazy!!

This is the last of my old sewing space..
look at that 1 lonely window...that was all the natural lighting I had....SADNESS.

And the chaos begins...

 Every thing was just shoved into the room and then I had to make heads and tails of it.

You can see my coffee cup in this one...I drank loads of that.. AND LOOK AT ALL THAT NATURAL LIGHTING....WOOHOO!!!

but I never back down from a off to work I go...LAUGHS!!
 I tried to to through things as I organized, but I am thinking I will have to do that again and PURGE MORE!! Here is a neat little cabinet my son found on the side of the road and picked up for me...It is very old..and works great as a printer stand...And I just love it...THANK YOU BLAKE!!

 As you can see I am slowly making progress...LOL

I kept going until I had some room to work and it was getting more organized as I went...

 As you can see the shelves are filling up and still have not got the TV mounted...But hey I do have my stereo up and functional.
 Got to have MUSIC!!
Here I have my track light up over my cutting table and more shelves mounted for more storage..I tried to put things I used most close to what area I use it in..
 Here I mounted my New Shop Vac my oldest son gave me for is great, it has very small attachments that do a wonderful job on my machine when cleaning...gets all the lint and dust right out...BIG SMILES!!
 Finally I have the TV mounted..Gotta have Law & Order SUV..and Castle...

Here you can see part of the antique hanging lamp I rewired and replaced all hardware...It works great over my sewing machine...Lots of extra lighting...You can never have too much lighting..
And now my sewing space is somewhat organized..and my BABY is unpacked and ready for work!!
My little ironing board mounted on the door closest to my machine and all the supplies organized close to hand..And Finally My babies are there for support and any helping hand that can offer...MiWi loves to keep my chair warm...and at times there is a battle to get it back...LAUGHS

And of course Bandit...he just makes sure all is well, mama is ok, etc..and I swear that dog watches my so close, he knows my every is amazing to watch him watch me...You can see the wheels turning...and most of the time you know just what he is thinking...SMILES!!

And that is about it for now.. I have not even gotten to my closet..that is a whole new blog I swear...LAUGHS!!

Just imagine a large walk in closet crammed full of sewing and any other art supplies I need to keep in an controlled environment...but hey it is organized.. I am determined to make the most of any space I have..
Thank goodness, we have a large shop, and my husband has offered an area to me for my studio..BIG SMILES!!
Thank you Hubby...

I know it is a small space, but I am happy with it and I know I will make beautiful things in there...BIG SMILES!!

Well I hope you all enjoyed...and Do come back soon...Maybe now with things somewhat calmed down and I am in a happier home...SO MUCH LIGHT....I love the SUNSHINE!!
I will feel like devoting more time to my blogging...LAUGHS...

Thanks for Stopping By,

A Touch of Hink

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Where has the time gone???

Hello Friends..

Things around here have been super busy...and crazy..
I have managed to get a few things completed since last post..but then came the Holidays...Thanksgiving, the Christmas Rush, and NewYears...and to top it all, we are moving...OMG!! I have toooo much stuff!!

I am purging people!!!! If I have not worked with it or on it or for it in the last is Bye!! Bye!!

This is one project I managed to get done...I actually made 2 of these REALLY LARGE BAGS...
I can pack so much into this bag....a great over nighter or weekend bag.

 I put many pockets inside for all kinds of storage...
And a snap closure to keep it all intact...

And this is the quilt top I am making for my Step-
I also made a couple gifts for Christmas and am STILL working has been put on the back burner until we are moved and I have my sewing room set up again..

There is so much Chaos
in both my homes at the moment.
Back of quilt 

This is the baby quilt I managed to get completed around Thanksgiving.

I made it for the daughter of a good friend whom passed away last year...

This was her first child...

I brought the front to the back and made a label with all the birth information...

She loved it and will Cherish it forever...
front of quilt

Label with birth info

I added his name to the Front also
Now back to that
purging...It is amazing how much you accumulate in  such a short time...

I will not have a Art Studio in the new house...I plan on just organizing the art stuff where it is easy to get to and use when I need too...

I will have fun sitting up my new Sewing Studio...I plan on taking photos along the way...and sharing with you all..

I will take any suggestions...organization, display, is a small space..and I have to cram alot of sewing supplies into it...LAUGHS.

As it is now we are planning on being in the new house this permitting...We have already moved a kitchen is done, the dining room is done, and part of the living room is there...

I am really dreading my closet!!! I will be purging clothes right along with other things....

Well that is about all I have for now and I hope you all come back to see my progress.
And like I said ANY SUGGESTIONS are greatly appreciated...

For Now,
A Touch of Hink

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