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After years of growing up, and kids, I finally am getting on with it.  I am always working on something and my studio looks like a room of CHAOS...but it is an organized CHAOS.
I am an Artist that loves to dabble in everything, And I mean EVERYTHING.

Photography is my passion...I love Nature... and try to work natural elements in many of my designs.

Lately I have found I really like taking old but still worthy furniture and making it a piece that anyone would love to have in their home.

I love to make Jewelry and son named it "A TOUCH OF HINK" he said I take something and add a touch of me....BIG SMILES!!!!

My mind is always at work..I see something and the wheels start turning...

Mostly all items are handmade, which means "One of a Kind".

I take pride in my work...being a perfectionist sometimes causes me problems, but I have learned through experience that the little things are what make the design more interesting.
I decided to start this blog so that I could share my up's and down's with all the other's out there that do the same. I look forward to learning, sharing, and hopefully getting better at think blogging thing WINK, WINK....
I am glad you stopped by and if you have any questions, or solutions....please feel free to SHARE!!!
aka Hink

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